Monsters Inc. Roller Coaster Scrapped for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    Continuing the WDW Radio interview with former Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Vice President Dan Cockerell, we get to hear Dan’s take on the often discussed Monsters Inc roller coaster that was slated for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    As Cockerell was talking about how management assesses weak spots and risks to a theme park, he talked about the need for more family attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With the exception of The Great Movie Ride and Toy Story Mania, everything else was either a thrill ride or show. Executives decided that there needed to be more offerings for the whole family. Unfortunately for fans of Monsters Inc. that family-friendly directive for Disney’s Hollywood Studios didn’t align with a pitch for a roller coaster that never came to be.

    As Cockerell explained, Imagineering called one day saying that they just got out of a meeting with Jon Lasseter with a great idea for a Monsters Inc. “doors coaster”. The roller coaster would have taken guests through the factory in Monsters Inc. where the doors are stored for the monsters to enter through to scare kids.

    Cockerell said that he told Imagineers that while he loved the idea and would be “first in line to ride it”, it didn’t align with the goals of the park to bring in more family friendly attractions. Ultimately, the idea was dropped after Cockerell told Imagineering that it just didn’t make sense for the future of the park.

    As you know, The Great Movie Ride was replaced with Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Toy Story Mania was essentially expanded into an entire Toy Story Land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge debuted (although it was supposed to be vastly different), and Cockerell even teased “a lot more in the pipeline” for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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    1. Please, please, please change the Brer Rabbit themed ride in the Magic Kingdom into a Pricess and the Frog themed ride! Pretty please??

    2. Hi Mike, will be great a Monster Inc roller coaster, that was my dream with the doors and go in a bag-car trough the doors will be great! I hope Disney can do it soon! thank you!
      regards, Fer.

    3. I would have Loved this ride!! One of my favorite movies. I rose the new Mickey and Minnie ride. If it was done something like this ride it’s a win win for all family participants. Please make this ride ❤️❤️❤️

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