Disney Springs Arrival Experience and Temperature Screening

    Good morning from Disney Springs! Today is the first day of the phased reopening of Walt Disney World’s shipping and dining district and we’re on the ground to show you what you can expect to experience should you want to visit. In this article, we’ll cover the arrival experience and temperature check to enter Disney Springs.

    First, parking remains free and self-park. While we like to leave an empty space between cars to assist with social distancing when the car next to us unloads at the same time we do, it was not enforced and there was no signage to encourage it. This morning, only the Orange Garage was open to guests, but the Lime Garage will also open later in the day. Here’s a look at the Disney Springs arrival experience and temperature check.

    Signage is prevalent throughout the garage, directing guests to practice social distancing and to direct them to the mandatory temperature screening.

    There is a corral of sorts in case the line gets long. There is no social distancing signage in the corral, but there are Cast Members nearby to welcome you back and encourage social distancing should guests get too close.

    The signage becomes much more dense the closer you get to temperature screening. Advent Health is on hand to do the screening.

    The tent you see to the left is for a secondary screening process should the initial screening return a temperature of 100.4 or above. Advent Health is using a contactless thermometer.

    If guests have a high temperature, they are directed to the tent to cool down with seats and water. A secondary screening will be performed after they have cooler down. If they still have a temperature of 100.4 or above, the guest with the high temperature and their entire party will be denied entry.

    The temperature screening is a very quick and simple process. It’s handled by professionals and it went extremely smoothly. There is no additional screening besides temperature and there is no bag check. For more on Disney Springs reopening day, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com!

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