Disneyland Considering Annual Passes That Only Allow Visitation During Set Time of Day

    As Disneyland rebuilds an Annual Pass program from the ground up, Disneyland President Ken Potrock said that the theme park operator is considering “day-parting” the Annual Pass offerings (via OC Register):

    There’s nothing off the table as we begin to think about things that are important for people. Whether it’s the number of times that they visit on a product offering. Whether it’s when. Is it midweek or weekend? Is it morning or afternoon? Is it day-part oriented? It’s all of those kinds of things that we’re incredibly curious to hear back from the guests about.
    Ken Potrock, Disneyland President

    While details about how Disneyland would implement a system weren’t available, Walt Disney World has a day-part Annual Pass called the EPCOT After 4 Pass that allows guests to enter EPCOT after 4pm – an ideal time for locals that want to enjoy the park after the workday. Walt Disney World also previously offered a “Mid-Day Magic” ticket back in 2019.

    Disneyland is still in the early phases of surveying guests on what they want out of an Annual Pass and has not announced any specifics about what a future Annual Pass might entail.

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    1. In our personal case our visits usually last 3 or 4 days. The reason for that is that we have to pay for transporting a group of usually 6 to 10 people and coming and going every day is not good because it makes the kids more tired and they dont get to enjoy the parks so much. Usually we visit during vacation time or the holidays. The annual pass was a great deal for us because we coupd visit any time of rhe year except for the Christmas week

    2. I would love to buy a mid day pass. I’d rather go every week for a short time, the one day all day long

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