Unannounced MagicMobile Feature in Testing at Hollywood Studios – Linking of On-Ride Photos Directly to Phone

It looks like Disney is wasting no time in beginning to test some of the Disney MagicMobile features with guests! Announced just a few days ago, Disney MagicMobile will essentially turn your phone into a MagicBand – not only for theme park entry, but for other MagicBand “features” as well such as on-ride photos.

While the ability to link your on-ride photos to your device via Bluetooth was not announced in the original press release, Disney did mention that your phone or Apple Watch would be able to function as a MagicBand and allow you to access various MagicBand features.

As you may know, Disney automatically links your on-ride photos to your My Disney Experience account via your MagicBand. All you have to do to activate this feature is be wearing your MagicBand during the ride and your photo will be linked like magic – well, almost like magic.

Each MagicBand contains an HF Radio Frequency device and a transmitter which sends and receives RF signals through a small antenna inside the MagicBand and enables it to be detected at short-range touch points throughout Walt Disney World Resort. MagicBands can also be read by long-range readers located at Walt Disney World Resort used to deliver personalized experiences, as well as provide information that helps us improve the overall experience in our parks.
Disney World website

Of course, your modern smart phone has these same types of radio transmitters, so it should be an easy and relatively seamless switch to using a mobile device such as an iPhone or Apple Watch instead of a MagicBand. That said, there is still some testing needed before it can be added into MagicMobile – and that’s where guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios come in.

Disney is piloting a new feature from within the current My Disney Experience app to guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios that will link their on-ride photos to their account.

The notification above is being sent to guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and notifies them that their photos may be linked to their My Disney Experience account utilizing the Bluetooth on their device. There is no action or opt-in required from guests who already have Bluetooth activated on their device.

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  1. We had this happen at Magic Kingdom back in December during Christmas. We didn’t get to scan at at several rides but we got the picture in out photo pass. I thought it was strange but I was sure they were testing something like this. It did not do this for any rides at DHS.

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