Everything We Know About “Drawn to Life” by Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs

With “Drawn to Life” by Cirque du Soleil indefinitely delayed at Disney Springs, we wanted to put together a recap of everything we know about the new show.

Drawn to Life Storyline

Drawn to Life is described as a love letter to the art of Disney animation. Drawn to Life tells the story of Julie, a determined girl who discovers one last gift left by her animator father Tom: a sequence of unfinished drawings. Tom was a Disney animator who surrounded his daughter with Disney animated characters. These characters helped her grown and played important roles in her life.

When Julie finds an unfinished animation piece and a letter from her late father, her imagination is awakened, and she embarks on an inspiring journey into the whimsical world of animation. Along the way, she meets characters like Mr. Pencil (her father’s favorite pencil), who help guide her. Julie also encounters Miss Hésitation, the story’s villain, who reflects Julie’s own doubts and fears as an artist. 

Throughout her adventure, Julie is reunited with Disney characters from her childhood, giving her the encouragement she needs to animate with her own unique artistic voice.

Drawn to Life Opening Date

Drawn to Life by Cirque du Soleil was originally planned to debut on April 17, 2020. Due to COVID-19, that date was delayed to an undetermined point in the future. Ticket sales continued, but eventually Cirque cancelled all performances through February 2021.

UPDATE (4/21): Drawn to Life is expected to open in Fall 2021 at Disney Springs.

Drawn to Life Characters

  • Julie
  • Tom
  • Mr. Pencil
  • Miss Hésitation (villain)
  • Disney Characters

Drawn to Life Runtime

Drawn to Life by Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs has a 90 minute runtime. There will be two shows per day on the Disney Springs West Side near the NBA Experience and House of Blues.

Drawn to Life Information

Drawn to Life is a collaboration between Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Cirque du Soleil. The show is written and directed by Michel Laprise and with Fabrice Becker as Director of Creation.

“Interpreting the works from Disney’s spectacular catalogue of animation into a live show was a thrilling opportunity for Cirque du Soleil, and we couldn’t be more proud of this production,” explained Diane Quinn, Chief Creative Officer Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group. “Together with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering, we have created a stunning show that will inspire audiences to dream and reach for the impossible.”

The story is driven by ten unique acrobatic acts, including an energetic Rhythmic Gymnastics group number and a pencil-test-inspired Aerial Pole routine, both of which were unveiled today. Drawn to Life also features animation from beloved Disney films as well as all-new animation created by Disney artists led by Eric Goldberg, best known for characters such as the Genie in the animated classic, “Aladdin.”

“Our show uses new technologies and art forms to portray the innate physicality of animation,” says Michel Laprise, Show Writer & Director. “During a number of the acts, classic Disney animation sequences come alive via contemporary projections, complementing the spectacular feats of our acrobats.

“Together Disney and Cirque du Soleil have created an incredible new family entertainment experience that is sure to awe audiences and touch the hearts of adults and children alike,” says Natalie Woodward, Vice President of Production for Disney Parks Live Entertainment. “Our two organizations are rooted in artistry and share a passion for creating memorable experiences. That’s one reason Drawn to Life is a show that could only come from the creative minds of Disney and Cirque du Soleil.

Audience members of all ages will not only be enthralled by the unbelievable talent and strength of the acrobats of Drawn to Life, but by the stunning stage and props as well. Stéphane Roy, the show’s award- winning Set Designer, managed to create a fully immersive world for Julie’s journey inside the world of animation with no detail overlooked. Drawn to Life plays out on a vast stage made to look like an animator’s desk; sheets of paper surround the stage resembling the stacks of drafts that an animator inevitably sifts through during their creation process while a colossal version of an animator’s lamp towers overhead.

Drawn to Life is supported by an internal cast of 65 artists.

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