Steakhouse 55 Permanently Closed at Disneyland Hotel

Disney has announced that the Steakhouse 55 restaurant at the Disneyland Hotel will remain closed permanently (via Laughing Place). Disneyland has said that they do not have new details to announce about what will replace Steakhouse 55 at this time.

Named for the year that Disneyland Park opened, Steakhouse 55 takes you back to a bygone era of decadence, when attentive service and lavish steaks were the order of the day—every day.

Steakhouse 55 was awarded four stars by the Orange County Register and a Golden Bacchus by the Southern California Restaurant Writers Association. Zagat describes the restaurant as “amazing,” “a gem,” “elegant” and “the best rib eye in town.”

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  1. … and turn it into what? Another no-class diner full of screaming meemies? Steakhouse 55 (originally Granville’s) has been a rare oasis for fine dining at the Disneyland Resort. As they continue to chase the almighty dollar, what will the powers that be decide to close next? Blue Bayou? Napa Rose? Watch this space. This is only the beginning of the end of a great tradition. Notice that picture at the entrance of this hidden gem? That’s none other than Walt Disney and I am sure he would be ashamed at what the current leadership is foisting off on the public, and for what? Shameful.

  2. Why would they close Steakhouse 55?! It was always busy and hard to get a table there. Unbelievable.

  3. The powers that be are killing some of the magic! Steak House 55 is one of the best Disney restaurants in the US. Not everyone wants aloud characte meal.. 55 provides a high quality meal in an elegant setting.. Iam disheartened, this has always been my husband’s and my favorite place. There is NOTHING at WDW or Disneyland that comes close. Victoria and Albert’s is not a viable option for most.. It is a sad day for Disney.

  4. We will miss that restaurant. It is a staple for us when we visit the resort 2-3 times per year. Classy, elegant, & excellent food. Hope they put a similar, first-class restaurant experience in there. A fine-dining experience, not another “Goofy’s Kitchen.”

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