New Construction Permit Filed for Shuttered Primeval Whirl Attraction

An interesting permit has been filed today related to an attraction that has been “officially” closed for more than a year now. Primeval Whirl, a wild mouse-style roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, was closed officially back in July 2020. Disney sent a memo to Cast Members about the permanent closure of not only Primeval Whirl, but also Rivers of Light and Stitch’s Great Escape.

Now, a new permit filed by Disney taps MLC Themeing for “General Construction” for 610 Dinoland Drive – an address that resolves for Primeval Whirl.

While the permit doesn’t tip Disney’s hand as to what is happening at the location, there are really only two options now that it is officially closed. Those options are either the demolition of the attraction or a retheme of it. What makes this permit interesting is that MLC Theming is the contractor. Typically, work that we’ve seen tied to MLC Theming has been new construction, not demolition. That said, indications from Disney are that Primeval Whirl will not be returning to service.

Either way, the permit expires in late April 2022, so we should see some movement in the coming months for a project that will take less than a year.

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