How to Get a Refund for Disney Genie Individual Lightning Purchases

    With a couple of days of Disney Genie under our belts, one of the questions that we’ve seen as it relates to the service is: how do Disney Genie Individual Lightning Lane refunds work? In this article, we’ll describe our own experiences, as well as a semi-official response from Disney.

    Note that only the Individual Lightning Lane attraction selection purchases would be eligible for a refund. If one or more of the attractions under the normal Disney Genie+ purchase are not operating during the day, there are no refunds offered at all given the fact that there will still likely be 30 or 40 attractions to choose from. This refund process only applies to a single attraction purchase, and only if that attraction is closed at any point during your return window and you can’t ride.

    Individual Lightning Lane Refund When Attraction Doesn’t Reopen

    For both of our examples, we are going to use Rise of the Resistance as the attraction that we purchased an Individual Lightning Lane skip the line pass for.

    On Tuesday, we purchased an Individual Lightning Lane attraction pass to skip the line for Rise of the Resistance between 6pm and 7pm. After making it to the attraction entrance at 6:30pm, the attraction was closed for technical difficulties.

    When speaking with a Cast Member, they indicated that they were working to reopen the ride, but that it would not likely reopen during our purchased window. Instead, our return window would be extended to the end of the park operating hours.

    We’ll talk about what actually happened in our next scenario, but for this example, we’ll talk through the scenario of the ride never reopening.

    According to an unnamed Disney spokesperson (via Orlando Sentinel), if the attraction that you purchased an Individual Lightning Lane for never reopens, you will get an automatic refund at the end of the park operating hours.

    Individual Lightning Lane Refund When Attraction Reopens Outside of Return Window

    Using the same example as above (Rise of the Resistance closed during our return window), we’ll discuss what actually happened to us on Tuesday.

    Rise of the Resistance remained closed through the end of our original 6pm to 7pm window. The attraction reopened around 7:30pm, but we had previous plans to visit EPCOT after riding Rise of the Resistance during our original window.

    We left Disney’s Hollywood Studios before 7pm and went over to EPCOT as originally planned. When we arrived at EPCOT, we noticed that Rise of the Resistance had reopened, but we couldn’t fit a return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios into our plans before the park closed at 9pm.

    In our case, we decided to continue with our EPCOT plans and talk to Guest Relations before we left the park. The Guest Relations Cast Member understood our situation and offered to issue us Disney Gift Cards in the amount that we paid for the Rise of the Resistance Individual Attraction selection skip the line pass.

    It’s worth noting that an unnamed Disney spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel that guests would have to visit Guest Relations for a refund and it would not be automatic if the ride reopens at any time before park close. We did not ask for a refund back to the original form of payment because we wanted to purchase a skip the line pass for Rise of the Resistance in the future, but it’s possible that a refund could be issued according to the unnamed Disney spokesperson. In our specific case, a Disney Gift Card essentially worked like a refund because that same gift card can be used to purchase the same Individual Lightning Lane attraction selection in the future.

    Official Individual Lightning Lane Terms and Conditions

    Officially, Disney says that refunds for Individual Lightning Lane purchases could be allowed if Disney cancels the Individual Lightning Lane purchase. Here’s a look at the terms as shown before a purchase is made.

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