Disney Genie+ Wishlist: Show Next Eligible Selection Time

    As we continue to keep an eye on Disney Genie+ at the Walt Disney World Resort, we wanted to put together a series of articles containing our Disney Genie+ wishlist – tweaks we’d wish Disney would make to the system to ease guest confusion. No, our articles won’t ask that Disney brings back FastPass or gets rid of Genie+ for good (it’s here to stay), instead, we’ll talk about some of the friction we experience with the system. Today, we’ll start with what seems like a simple implementation – clearly displaying the time that you can make your next Genie+ Lightning Lane selection.

    In order to optimize your use of Disney Genie+, you’ll want to make sure that you’re making new Lightning Lane selections the second that you are eligible. Why? Unlike FastPass+, Genie+ does not let you choose a return window for an attraction. Instead, it will give you the next available window. That means, the quicker you make a selection, the sooner you are able to use the selection and make another one. (Note that Individual Lightning Lane a la carte selections do let you choose a return time, that’s not what we’re discussing here).

    Unfortunately, unless you know the Genie+ rules inside out, the My Disney Experience app does not show you when you are eligible to make your next selection. This needs to change. The app should, very clearly, show you when you are eligible to make another Lightning Lane selection. If Disney really wanted to make the service user-friendly, they might even consider sending you a push notification 3-5 minutes before you are able to make your next selection. At a minimum, there should be a clearly displayed “next selection time” available within the app.

    Now, when we said that Disney doesn’t display your next selection time anywhere in the app, that’s not 100% true – they display it in an error message. That means that the only way Disney shows you when you’re eligible for a new Lightning Lane is if you do something wrong. That’s simply not a good user experience. Here’s a look at what it looks like in the My Disney Experience app when you try to make a selection before you are eligible. (Yes, it is 1pm and it says that we’re eligible at 1pm, but that’s Disney IT. We were able to make a selection at 1:01pm, but that’s not the point of this particular article).

    So, what do we suggest until Disney (hopefully) makes this easier? Alarms. Lots of alarms. If you’re using stacking like we did recently at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can make alarms every two hours to remind you to make your next selection. However, if you redeem a Lightning Lane before you pass the 120-minute mark from the time that you made that Lightning Lane, you’ll be eligible to make a new selection once you tap into the attraction.

    While the math is relatively simple, so is letting guests know when they can make a new selection. Hopefully Disney is able to implement some sort of reminder system to help guests who might not be as proactive as some Disney fans when it comes to utilizing the Disney Genie+ offering.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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