It’s Becoming Increasingly Difficult or Impossible to Buy Individual Lightning Lane for Rise of the Resistance

For a little more than a week now, Individual Lightning Lane availability for Rise of the Resistance has not made it to park open according to data from

As you might know, Individual Lightning Lane purchases become available to purchase in two windows depending on your status as a guest:

  • Guests of a Disney Resort Hotel and Other Select Hotels: These Guests can make their first purchase starting at 7:00 AM on the day of their visit. Available to Disney Resort hotel Guests and Guests of Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotels and Shades of Green.
  • All Other Guests: These Guests can make their first purchase when the park opens.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has consistently been opening at 9am, which means that if you aren’t a Resort Guest, some days it has been impossible to even buy your way onto Rise of the Resistance at all. Here’s a look at an availability map, with a blue line indicating 9am, and grey squares indicating no availability.

As seen in the map above, 7 out of the past 11 days have been effectively sold out before the park has opened. November 16th was the quickest day to sell out, with all Individual Lighting Lane skip-the-line passes sold out before 7:30am.

Over that same 11 day time period, the average wait for the attraction has been posted at 128 minutes.

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As more and more guests flood into the Walt Disney World Resort for the holiday season, it will likely become even more difficult to buy your way onto Rise of the Resistance. Officially, Disney has “paused” the Boarding Group process for Rise of the Resistance, and with average waits barely surpassing 2 hours, they might not reimplement the virtual queue for the holiday season, but we’ll keep you updated with any changes.

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