VIDEO: “What Goes Up, Must Come Down” Message Added to KiteTails Show at Animal Kingdom

    Disney has added an informational message to the start of the Disney KiteTails show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to let guests know that “what goes up, must come down” and that kites landing in the stands and in the water is an expected behavior of the show. Fan reaction to the kites landing in the stands and water has ranged from concerned to amused since it debuted on October 1st.

    Back in early October, we wrote about possible changes to the show to inform guests that the kites landing in the stands is to be expected. At the time, we were told that the stands might be decorated to indicate their function as a landing zone. This informational message was likely added instead of any modifications to the landing area.

    Yes, the Disney KiteTails Characters Are Supposed to Land in the Stands…and Changes Could Be On the Way
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    You can hear the message in our video below. You may have to disable adblockers to see the video.

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