Savi’s Workshop Custom Lightsabers No Longer Include “Complimentary” Sleeve, Guests Told to Purchase for $50 or Use Plastic Bag

    There’s a lot of plastic lightsabers being carried around in…plastic bags today at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Instead of being given a carrying sleeve for their lightsaber at the end of the Savi’s Workshop Custom Lightsaber building experience, guests are given a plastic bag.

    The change, we’re told, is due to supply issues, but guests that we spoke with (and overheard yelling) are clearly not happy. It is reportedly not communicated to guests that they will not be given a carrying sleeve either before the experience, at check-in, or at the end of the experience. Cast Members are simply staying silent. Silent, that is, unless guests ask for a sleeve. At that point, Cast Members either provide a clear plastic bag, or inform guests that they can purchase a sleeve at Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities for $50.

    As explained to us, this is a supply chain issue. When we asked about the price of the experience being adjusted to account for the lack of a carrying sleeve, we were told that the sleeve was previously considered “complimentary” and that the price won’t be adjusted. We’re told that the price that guests are paying is for the lightsaber, hilt, and kyber crystal – the sleeve is not calculated in the price. Of course, for nearly three years now guests have been given a sleeve at the end of the experience, so a few very vocal guests were not happy with the change after they exited the experience.

    That said, business is booming for Dok-Ondar as guests shill out $50 more per lightsaber to have a themed carrying case and not a generic plastic bag. ‘Til the Spire.

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    1. Wow! Another example of where management is sticking it park attendees. They do something for years and the want to charge you an additional $50. It’s Lighting Lane again.

    2. Welcome to Chapek’s Disney. Where everything becomes so miserable or disappointing where you feel you have to pay more for the services and features you used to have for free for years.

    3. This is just sad… One of the things I used to love about Disney was that yes, it was expensive, but once you were in the parks it seemed like there were so many opportunities for magic (ie park perks). Whether it was transportation, pins announcing a birthday or a 1st visit or so many little extras that just made you feel like it was money well spent. Now it seems like Disney is charging a premium to get into the park and then taking every opportunity to make me dig into my wallet.

      Disney used to be different, now they are turning into just another theme park – and a really expensive theme park at that. To put it simply, if Disney loses the magic then they are just a really overpriced theme park with average rides. I could spend way less money and simply go to DollyWood which is much closer to home for me and offers a similar experience (though on a much smaller scale).

      I’m starting to regret getting tickets for this April – which is just sad…

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