Rise of the Resistance Begins Testing Interrogation Room Group Indicators

    Perhaps the smartest move the Resistance ever played against the First Order was choosing unsuspecting tourists as spies for their secret mission from Batuu. Tourists are easily confused and can’t remember instructions for more than a few seconds at a time, so there’s no way they’ll remember where a secret base is located. To that end, the First Order has installed group indicators in their interrogation rooms to assist the rebel spies when it comes to remembering their group color.

    As before, guests are grouped into four different color lines outside of the interrogation room in a staging hallway. Guests are assigned a color that they are instructed to remember for the duration of their experience on the Star Destroyer. Conveniently enough, that same color that was given to you to remember in the hallway is also the color that you’ll have to remember when boarding a troop transport.

    Unfortunately, there is roughly 80 seconds between when you’re assigned a color and when you’ll have to recall what color that is. 80 seconds is way too much time to remember your color, so the First Order has installed group color indicators in the interrogation room for you and your party to stand on or around. Here’s a look!

    Batuuans tell us that this is a test, and should it go well it will be rolled out to all interrogation rooms. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were colored, circular stickers, but that was for physical distancing. This change is related to operations, not safety.

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