DeSantis Supporters Illegally Block Eastern Entrance to Disney World Property

    According to a social media post by Jonathan Riches, a so-called “Patriot Convoy” performed an illegal blockade of the eastern entrance to Walt Disney World earlier today. In the photo below, Riches is seen with a “DeSantis 2022” hat, homemade Mickey ears, and a megaphone as two cars are stopped on Hotel Plaza Blvd – one of a handful of entrances to Walt Disney World.

    In the social media post, Riches claims that the vehicles are experiencing “car trouble” after admitting to an illegal blockade of the roadway. Riches incorrectly claims that “no one visiting Disney can get in”. In fact, there are multiple entrances to Walt Disney World property.

    Reports are that there were dozens of protestors at the SR 535 entrance to Disney World, but some of the convoy went into Walt Disney World property after blocking the roadway as evidenced by the social media post.

    Protestors’ signs ranged from support of Ron DeSantis to anti-Disney signs.

    Disney has not made a public statement about either the protestors or the increasingly combative rhetoric from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis since a late-March response to the passing of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

    “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Signed by DeSantis, Disney Responds
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    1. Didn’t Desantis sign the anti-rioting law that makes traffic blockades illegal? Where is his gestapo on this violation of his law?

    2. I have a feeling Walt would be standing right there with them. He was a very family oriented man with wonderful morals and values. Disney needs to stay with entertaining people and not get into the political arena.

      • Walt was, like many men of his period, racist, sexist and bigoted. But maybe you’re the sort who thinks that’s “wonderful morals and values.” I think you are, because you’re also the sort that thinks that there are things in this world that are not political; or, at least, you pretend anything you don’t like is “political.”

        The truth is that these people are members of a hate group, their blockade is pointless because the hateful law they support and Disney mildly spoke up against is already law, and they haven’t even accomplished anything. Just like the Republican party itself.

    3. How quickly politicians change…… Here is a headline from Aug 20, 2020: Governor Ron DeSantis Extends Thanks to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Executives for Theme Park Roundtable Conference

    4. Jonathan Riches needs to be taken off the streets. He identifies with the obsession of mass murders. Just Google his name & come to your own conclusion. He just spent the last 10 yrs in Federal Prison.

    5. Another illegal protest by groups of Neanderthal activists that will go unpunished.
      Follow Ron because he lies less than Donald and is less afraid to admit to being an abject racist, homophobe and desire to be Americas next tyrannical dictator.

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