Reedy Creek: Central Florida Lawmakers Say DeSantis is Exploring Creating, Controlling New “Lake Buena Vista District”

    As we await promised details from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on how he plans to dismantle the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID), Central Florida lawmakers are weighing in on the topic. Three Central Florida lawmakers held a news conference earlier today where they talked about what they believe DeSantis is planning on doing.

    According to Sen. Linda Stewart, DeSantis is planning on creating a new district called the Lake Buena Vista District to replace the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The new general government district would be controlled by DeSantis with appointments made by DeSantis. Of course, this would result in the state absorbing the $1 billion of debt carried by the district. DeSantis has previously said that Disney would pay the debt, something that is not required by current laws.

    If the debt were turned over to Orange and Osceola counties, Stewart said that it would result in the largest property tax increase in the history of the counties for residents.

    Sen. Randolph Bracy called the move a reactionary act of retribution by DeSantis.

    Sen. Victor Torres noted that the law will impact over 2,800 jobs that RCID supports. Torres went on to call the bill a knee-jerk reaction and a political stunt. He noted that all Floridians, not just Central Floridians, will be impacted should this bill harm Disney, which is one of the primary drivers of Florida’s tourism industry.

    You can watch the full interview courtesy of News 6 below.

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