A Closer Look at Minnie Van Pricing (2022)

    With the Minnie Van service set to return on June 29th, we’re taking a closer look at pricing to help you plan ahead. First, it’s worth noting that you can run some test cases yourself in the Lyft app if you have access to the Minnie Van soft opening. Lyft has randomly given access to more than 50% of their users as of publish time, and you can plug in your route to see pricing without having to actually order a ride.

    We’ve played around with the app the past few days and have done some sample routes to check in on pricing.

    So, where does Minnie Van pricing stack up against other Lyft options? Minnie Van pricing is consistently between Lux Black and Lux Black XL prices.

    There are obviously a lot of considerations to be made as to whether a Minnie Van is right for your vacation, but there is certainly an argument to be made in favor of a Minnie Van. Perhaps the biggest argument in favor of Minnie Vans is that each and every Minnie Van is equipped with not one car seat, but two car seats, which typically come at an additional fee or are tough to secure with other ride-share platforms. Another thing to consider is the Minnie Vans seat up to 6 guests, a number only matched by the budget Lyft XL option and the priciest Lux Black XL option.

    Minnie Vans have dynamic pricing. That means that prices will be different by destination and even time of day. We noticed that Minnie Vans don’t necessarily include the massive surge pricing that you might experience with normal ride-share options, but Minnie Van pricing does change by a small amount throughout the day. We found prices that range from the high $20 range to the high $40 range, depending on the distance traveled. In our testing, an average fare was in the high $30 range.

    As of right now, the vast majority of Walt Disney World locations are supported, with the exception of Flamingo Crossings Hotels (third party) and Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels (third party).

    For more on the Minnie Van soft opening and what you can expect from a Minnie Van ride, check out our article below.

    Minnie Van Soft Opening at Disney World
    Take a ride with us on the Minnie Van soft opening at Disney World. Take a look at what you can expect when the service returns June 29th

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