Disney Patents “Robotic Sherpa” to Carry Your Things at Theme Parks

    Are you a busy mom just trying to enjoy a day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but want a mouse droid to follow you around and carry your umbrella, merchandise, food, and more until you need it? Disney’s latest patent of a “Robotic Sherpa” aims to make the locker system mobile at its theme parks.

    The patent acknowledges that current locker systems are an imperfect way of storing items that you might need on a whim such as umbrellas or in the case of wanting to instantly store merchandise that you might not want to carry around during your day at the theme parks.

    The Robotic Sherpa is described as a mobile locker system with restricted access and the ability to navigate the theme parks to find the guest who called for it.

    There are various embodiments described, such as a cold storage unit for a packed lunch, a unit with NFC locking, or biometric locking. Microphone communication is also described. Cameras on the device could be used as proximity sensors or even to feed live video back to a command center as seen below.

    Ultimately, Disney’s aim with this patent is to create a sort of on-demand storage solution that is not tied to a physical building or wall as is the case with current implementations.

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