Memento Mori Refurbishment Complete at Magic Kingdom Making Shop Easier to Navigate

    The Memento More gift shop refurbishment has been completed at Magic Kingdom. The Haunted Mansion-themed gift shop in Liberty Square now features an easier-to-navigate open floor plan. One of the two check-out areas has been moved into a space that was originally used for the Spirit Photo effect back when the shop opened in 2014. Since then, the small room has been used for special merchandise releases or simply left unused.

    As you can see in the photos below, what was once a doorway has been opened up nicely to accommodate the cash register. We’re told that a display case will eventually be installed in the middle of the space, but that it should still be much easier to navigate than before. Here’s a look around!

    A display case is expected to be installed on or near the outlets on the floor below.

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    1. Thankfully they kept the theme instead of upgrading to that putrid modern bougie shopping plaza look that everything else is being slapped with.

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