Haunted Mansion Lenticular Photo Op No Longer Offered at Memento Mori in Magic Kingdom

    Disney has closed the Memento Mori lenticular photo op at Magic Kingdom. While the gift shop remains open, the souvenir photo is no longer being sold according to Cast Members.

    We made it out to Magic Kingdom to check out the situation this afternoon and found that while it’s all business as usual in the rest of Memento Mori, the old photo op area is closed as the shop prepares for The Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary celebrations this Friday. Cast said that the space will be used for something new and spooky. They stated that the photo op would not return to Memento Mori in the future.

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    1. This sucks! We had these taken and they are such a conversation starter when people come to our house. I like everything them!

    2. My “inner ghoul” photo was probably the best 20 dollar souvenir that I have purchased in the Magic Kingdom. Too bad it is going away.?

    3. Ugh the worst! Three out of five of us have it… We were getting the remaining two done in September. Why does Disney not announce these things?! Truly bummed.

    4. That’s horrible,they have to bring that back it was amazing it was a chronological keepsake for me and my other personality. ???…..sososo sad

    5. I’m surprised at this. I suspect it wasn’t well known enough that this was even possible or more people would’ve gotten it for sure and then it would still be around. I know many regular Disney-goers who have never heard of it. It was such a unique and special souvenir that was affordable too. My son loves his!

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