Report: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Likely to Have Contract Extended This Summer

    According to a report from Business Insider, a “high-level Disney insider” said that it is “likely” that Disney CEO Bob Chapek will have his contract extended from its current expiration at the end of February 2023. The insider said that there are two meetings coming up in June and September where Chapek’s contract could be extended. No word on how long of an extension Chapek could receive.

    Chapek has had a rough tenure as Disney CEO – starting with a shutdown of all Disney theme parks worldwide to political battles with the Florida Governor. Recently, Chapek received a vote of confidence from the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company. Of course, this public statement was immediately met with skepticism, but if this report from Business Insider proves to be correct, Chapek might get a chance to settle into a more normal cadence and put his stamp on TWDC as CEO.

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      • Yes. Yes they are.
        Genie+/Lightning Lane has been a clear failure for guests but is a perfect grift for management, food quality has plummeted while menu prices have increased, there’s awful WOM regarding passholders/magic key holders wanting to keep their passes because the value has dropped, and their stock dipped below $100/share today too.
        So OF COURSE they’re talking about renewing this moron’s contract…

      • They gave a contract extension to Marie Antoinette who said reduced servings would help with customer waist lines. So Yes

    1. Please remove him. He is nickel and dimming everyone who go to the parks. Why do I have to pay extra to get on a ride when I have already paid $200 just to get in. Or there is no standby que because the ride is just for lighting lane users. This needs to stop!!!! Remove him before he does any more damage.

    2. Disney does this and they lose the hard-core fans or what is left of them. They do this and I lose faith in the company. Skip Disney parks and go to Universal. Punish them to the point that they have to react.

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