Food & Wine: How Much Would It Cost to Buy Everything New in ’22?

    There are more than 200 food and drink items that you could buy at the 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, but what if you only wanted to buy everything that was new this year? You could spend more than $1,500 if you bought one of everything, but maybe you already tried something from years past and only want to buy what’s new. Here’s how much it’ll cost you!

    If we did our math right, you’d have to fork out $463.26 if you wanted to buy every new food and drink item at this year’s Festival. Of that total, food accounts for $231.70, and drinks account for $231.56.

    Of course, if you don’t have an extra $500 lying around for the Food & Wine Festival, don’t fret. You can do some planning before you get to EPCOT by checking out our full list of menus and prices in our article below (including what’s new)!

    2022 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Global Marketplace Menus With Prices
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