Report: Bob Iger Calls Naming Bob Chapek as CEO One of His Worst Business Decisions

    A report from Business Insider claims that former Disney CEO Bob Iger has called the appointment of Bob Chapek to CEO his worst business decision. Iger, who wanted to go out on top, was forced into a muddy transition due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The report details a shakey transition between Iger and Chapek as Iger decided to stay more involved with helping Chapek navigate the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before Iger stepped down, the Board of Directors reportedly noticed that he was having difficulties in choosing a successor. Iger reportedly lined up Jay Rasulo and Tom Staggs as successors, but both left the company before Iger ultimately stepped down.

    Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s Contract Extended by Three Years
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    Iger reportedly pushed for Chapek to be named CEO as he stepped into a role that would allow him to focus more on content. The Board reportedly wanted Iger to name Chapek as COO until he was ready to fully leave the company, but Iger insisted.

    Following the February announcement and the ramping up of the pandemic domestically, Iger reportedly began to have regrets about his decision. Since then, Iger has watched Chapek stumble with relationships with talent and completely mess up a response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill – the latter of which Iger spoke out publically on.

    Iger reportedly called Chapek a “novice” in his handling of those situations and said that Chapek was arrogant and uninterested in other people’s opinions.

    Details of Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s Contract Extension Include $20 Million Annual Bonus
    Walt Disney World news, photos, and reviews! We provide you with daily news from the Walt Disney World theme parks and beyond

    Despite his regrets, Iger is still rooting for Disney as he enjoys his retirement. Iger is also reportedly working on another book discussing leadership in times of crisis.

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    1. So why the &(*^*(!! did they extend his contract 3 years?
      Seriously. He has done more damage to the company in the short time he’s been running it then Eisner.

      • Money. They are making money hand over fist and cutting more and more stuff and raising prices every day.

        As long as the money keeps rolling in, the shareholders could care less.

      • I agree but he’s making money. Getting rid of Magical Express/ luggage handling saved them $$$. Making everyone pay for a previously free service (fastpass) made them $$$. Have you seen the price of party tickets?? $150-200 a piece. It’s ridiculous, but people are paying for it.
        I do think Chapek is benefiting from pent up demand/delayed trips due to Covid. I think the next couple years will tell the tale on how these policies ultimately effect their bottom line.

        • Yes he’s making money; my limited understanding was the magical express was on its way out anyways. But the new Fastpass replacement being mediocre, Covid firings and then revenge tourism, don’t say gay, and generally bad press directly to Disney not being as family affordable plus bad reviews made him look bad.

          Was it all him. Nah. But the buck stops there… and publicity is 100% him.

    2. Our entire family has been raised at Disney from Oct1,1971 through current. We have been DVC Members since 2005. We would take vacations to Disney to recover from vacations we had just finished. We absolutely loved it. We went before Covid-19’s were formally announced ( there was talk of it) we all caught it. We just got back under Chepeks control and it literally was the most TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIFES . All 6 of us. Chepek needs to go! I can go into why it was traumatic but I don’t want to bore yo with the details. I am not being traumatic we came home and canceled everything to do with Disney. We kept DVC in hopes you get rid of him and Disney makes a come back. Obviously the only people that thinks he’s decent and doing the best for the parks are the sad sad board. Look at your stock. It tells it all.

      • Hahahahaha, you just got back from Disney World, & “it literally was the most TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE OF OUR LIFES”?!?!
        You take vacations to recover from your vacations??
        Sounds like you need to go visit a 3rd world country to get some perspective.

        • Being negative and sarcastic helps no one. Try behaviors that you should have as an adult. That being said I had the privilege to meet Walt Disney as a young boy. He had come down from the apartment above the firestation and he stopped and greeted everyone. He shook my hand and told me welcome and have fun at Disneyland. If he knew how bad his beloved ventures were being run by the likes of Chapstick he would fire all of them.

        • Splitting hairs a bit, aren’t we? I know many lifelong Disney World lovers who have had their worst experiences at Disney all within the last year. I get it. People just use ‘literally’ pretty loosely nowadays

    3. Hindsight is a b**ch. My family and I have walked away from Disney, selling our DVC and advising others to do the same. Disney is not Disney anymore, it is a pit for your money. The prices went up so much in the last year that dealing with the crowds is just not worth it.

      I don’t care about the politics or who’s opinion matters but the loss of benefits and the price increases have soured us on ever going back.

    4. His contract was extended because the bilking of visitors has increased dramatically in his tenure and the cash is rolling in, quality of visitor experience be damned. As long as crowds keep paying the spiralling costs, his position is assured. Which basically means as long as new visitors keep making up for the loss of veterans who know what it was like before Chapek.

    5. I’m a long term shareholder
      Board: do the right thing
      Enough with the horrific Chapek decision
      Let’s move on please

      • Ahh, shareholder eh? One of the exact reasons why prices at Disney are skyrocketing. Gotta keep that money pouring into the pockets of the shareholders.

    6. The theme park experience has turned sour. Chapek is responsible. Walt Disney would NOT approve. Let’s remember why he built Disney in the first place. He took his kids to Santa Monica pier and the staff was rude and it was filthy. He wanted a happy place and a clean place for one and all. We no longer have that under chapek. It’s just expensive. The joy is by watching others it’s not because the parks bring magic anymore. The board are just as awful as chapek. I hope the stock tanks because they don’t care about the guest experience anymore why shoukd we care about their pockets.

      • Last time I was at DW MK was in 2018 and three cast members were rude and unprofessional with us. Never ever seen that before. I was like WTH just happened

        • Idk. I mean people aren’t always perfect, but they still are better than anywhere else. I want to go to NYC for vacay, think I’m going to get easy help from anyone on the street? Disney is a bubble, not perfect at all, but it still is a happier place.

    7. So I can show up, tank the brand, ruin the guest experience, create distaste within the most loyal fans, deploy terrible technological failures, fumble social escalations and worsen the employee culture….. and keep my job?

      Dear Disney –> I have a resume and would like to apply for the role of CEO.

      Qualifications: zero… HOWEVER…. I will raise prices and reduce quality. I’m confident these fit within your desired requirements as “leader”.


    8. Fiscally Chapek may have made strategic decisions that initially helped the company (and the share holders!), during the peak of the pandemic. However, he is now singlehandedly destroying what makes Disney uniquely Disney…. the magic is quickly dissipating. One thing’s for sure, it’s no longer the the happiest place on earth.

    9. I live in Florida and have gone to Disney too many times to count. I’ve had annual passes many times and for the first time I just don’t want to go anymore. The Genie system has completely ruined the experience. I’d rather go to Universal now which is no where near as stressful.

    10. And this is where universal comes in and takes the top spot in Florida. After epic universe opens its literally game over for Disney in Florida unless they get rid of him. All attempts to thwart universal so far… Galaxy hotel, star wars attractions have been met with meh reactions. Maybe this will pressure them into getting it together… one thing is for sure. It’s about to get real.

    11. Chapek is the absolute worst. Quality in every aspect of the company is suffering
      under his poor leadership. Everything from the park experience to video and movie content. The next 3 years will be difficult for all of us to endure….

    12. Chapek is only interested in his paycheck. Get rid of him already!! How much farther down the toilet does he need to take Disney before they get a clue???!

    13. Bob Chapek is here for another 3 years. Whether you like it or not that’s the fact. I love my trips to Disney and make wonderful, new memories every time we go. Every business in this country is raising prices so I don’t see why everyone thinks that Disney should not. They are a BUSINESS and their main goal, like every business, is to make money which they are. And whether you like what is happening or not, a lot of people do like what is happening and Disney brings happiness to millions of people every month. I have lost a lot of respect for Bob Iger. There is no reason on this earth for him to say the things he did in this article except to stir the pot and get all the negative started. Iger is gone, his choice, and Iger appointed Bob Chapek, also his choice so he needs to stop with the negative. Sounds like sour grapes to me. He left the company at the worst possible time for Disney, and dumped all that in Chapek’s lap, and now I’m sure he wishes he had stuck it out. Nothing good can or will come from this article.

      • I don’t think it’s about raising prices as much as it’s about the experience. When you had the 3 fast passes, and now it’s replaced with genie plus which is not as friendly on getting on rides. Alot of the entertainment has been taken away which would give relief to wait times. Last time I went was not as magical as in the past has been.

    14. The sad reality of it all is that the influx of visitors is probably a result of most of us being cooped up in our homes throughout the pandemic and people paying whatever it costs to enjoy a “normal” vacation again. However, I fear the damage being caused by Chapek’s decisions will be irreparable when it comes lifelong Disney enthusiasts who loved Disney for the “Customer experience before money” policies that were in place prior to him taking the reins. It’s clear every decision he makes is based on revenue and not the customer experience, which will eventually bite them in the butt.

    15. This jerk has destroyed the magic at Disney. We went monthly and had several DVC accounts, we sold off those and haven’t returned to or a desire to return to it. We were a traveling family of 10 normally now no one wants to return. Sad day he took over.

    16. Ignore, is the reason for the woke content that is hurting disney.
      Paycheck, has no clue what the disney experance is and only thinks of the share holders and $$$$$.
      They both stink.

    17. Disney World has been a mess since he took over. The experience has been awful with long line ups at the expense of paying 9extra for Genie. Typical extend him for making the experience worse- Typical corporate greed !!

    18. The toothpaste isn’t going back in the tube! Why the extension of the bad decision, make it right. Get back to the “Imagination, Fantasy, etc.” that make it a special place, and get out of the political arena. Your brand is a place we look to to get a break from the “real world” not where we go for more of it. Make your money, fair enough, we’ll play along! Gouging and delivering sub-standard product to the patrons is the death of anyone who does it. Get rid of the bad, bring back the good, and focus on your mission…..

    19. I just came home from a Disneyland vacation… to enjoy a good view of Fantasmic. $300… to enjoy a good view of World of Color, $300… tyou get a genie pass and then have to pay $18 per day extra for the most desired rides… horrible… the food quality is down, the rides have alot of non-working aspects to them that would previously have never been acceptable… I see the slow downward spiral in the quality of the customer experience… I spent $7000 on our trip for 3 days park hoppers and Disneyland hotel… not doing it next year. $3600 to go to Cancun with an all inclusive package at a Hyatt resort including flight, that’s next year’s vacation… I have loved Disney my entire life, I didnt enjoy it noticing the many many things at the parks that have gone neglected…

    20. Once the recession is in full swing, people will no longer flock to Disney. The only reason crowds are up in the face of insane price increases and reduced experiences is that people are thirsty to get out of their homes.

    21. We live in UK & loved disney but Chapek has made it impossible for families to afford to go, fastpasses work, the disney genie is a nightmare, you should be at Disney to enjoy your holiday but your constantly on mobile phone booking, prices are ridiculous, you pay to get into the parks but now your paying to get on rides per person, per day, once you pay a fee to get into the parks everything else should be free ( rides) walt disney built the parks for all families to enjoy but all this CEO has done has made it too expensive for families & made the parks for the rich, this guy needs sacked DISNEY GOT GREEDY

    22. At this point a monkey can run that business and they would profit big !people are so fed up of being lied to and kept in their houses that they’ll do anything to go spend money just to get away from what really happened here just to feel normal again whoever can’t see what really happened here in America and around the world or they get their head checked!!!!

    23. Most of the stuff going on now was instituted by Iger… it just so happens the bad results of it has now come to fruition under Chapek. Of course, Chapek does not get a pass on this for his decisions and how he has been handling things.

      • “A fish starts stinking at its head”
        My wife & I were frequent (every 2 years) guests at Disney World.
        Planned on going in early December for my 70th birthday.
        Reservation at Grand Floridian on Club level for $800 a night.
        We were unable to get ANY dinner reservations except at 5 or 10pm. No help from Disney Signature Services.
        Canceled trip & we will NEVER go back.
        The “magic” is gone !

    24. Chapek is safe for a several reasons. One, the economy is generally in a slump/recession so the board doesn’t blame him for the stock… yet. Two, they’re making money. Three, Disney is benefitting from revenge travel due to Covid. When that runs out in 2024 or so, we’ll see – but that’ll be about the time his contract will be closer to running out. The board isn’t stupid.

      But think about it folks – if you think Chapek is doing anything without the approval of the board, you’re wrong. They’re probably going to make him lay low for a while until his PR blunders recede a bit. And maybe tell him to hire an image consultant to help him.

    25. Everyone said Chapek was not the right person for the job but you still recommended him. Could have looked outside the Disney family and found a better candidate. Many top executive in fortune 100 companies that would have been better. When you settle you get what you get and you got an ass of an executive that needs to be relieved of this position.

    26. Bob Chapek lacks leadership and vision, but most importantly he lacks a clear understanding of what Disney World is, what it represents and all
      The values that are chained together with that brand. He fundamentally does not understand Disney, that’s why he is doing such a poor job. He is too business “finance/accounting” mentality, he needs a creative mind, Disney is a creative company, their true assets are the stories and IPs that have shaped popular culture and are the bedrock of imagination on people across the world. The parks division is supposed to be the ultimate escapism’s a door into a world where what’s unimaginable becomes palpable. He will never be able to produce an experience worthy of the Disney legacy with that mindset. I’m sad for Epcot, for Disney Studios Park and for Hong Kong Disneyland who will have new areas who are not as magical as they were originally intended by the imagineers who worked on those designs.

    27. Disney needs to get back to being the happiest place on earth.
      Certainly dealing with the idiot governor deathsantis isn’t helping.
      However, sounds like Disney needs a re-vamping of their ticket prices and reservation policies as well as a renewed focus on guest experience, ride maintenance and quality control.
      While the ceo certainly deserves most of the blame, unruly behavior from some guests isn’t helping the guest experience either, perhaps some lifetime bans need to be in place for certain people.

    28. “Hey Bob. have a magical Disney day!”

      I gotta get a T-shirt that says that and wear it in the parks.

    29. There has to be a way to get rid of chapek! Disney has been destroyed and I doubt that it can be fixed. Thanks a lot bob.

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