Select MagicBand+ Devices Have Special Custom Light-Up Themes

    For guests who have purchased a MagicBand+, there are customization options beyond just the design of the wearable device that you can access through the My Disney Experience account. In addition to settings surrounding vibration, brightness, and other interactive features, you can also change the “light up theme” for your MagicBand+.

    For every MagicBand+, you have the following standard light-up themes to choose from:

    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Ocean Blue
    • Blue
    • Sky Blue
    • Purple
    • Pink

    However, some MagicBand+ devices come with their own special light-up theme specific to the MagicBand+. For example, we own a fireworks MagicBand+ and a Darth Vader MagicBand+. Each of those MagicBand+ devices has its own special light-up theme specific to that design. It’s important to note that not all MagicBand+ devices have special themes and Disney does not communicate which MagicBand+ designs have an additional light-up theme. To find out if your MagicBand+ has a special light-up theme, check out the color settings in your My Disney Experience app.

    Fireworks special light-up theme

    The light-up colors are used as the standard light pattern for your MagicBand+. However, during most interactive activations with your MagicBand+, each specific activation (eg. Batuu Bounty Hunters, Harmonious nighttime spectacular) will have its own special colors that will override the light-up color that you choose.

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