REVIEW: Connections Eatery Revamps Pizza & Significantly Increases Portion Size

    A few months after opening, Connections Eatery has made a substantial shift in its pizza offering. The old version (pictured below) featured a much thicker crust and a side included in the price. The new version drops the side, changes the crust completely, and actually increases the portion size. Let’s take a look at the changes!

    Old version of Connections Eatery pizza

    All of the pizzas have undergone a shift to a thin, cornmeal crust and guests now receive two pizza slices instead of a single slice and a side. It’s likely that guests were either displeased with the single slice or not finishing their sides, which we also found to be quite lackluster in our initial review.

    Here’s a look at the new version of the pizzas at Connections Eatery.

    A closer look at the cheese, pepperoni, and vegan pizza offerings.

    While the crust change is significant, the bigger deal in our opinion is the second slice. Keep in mind that these pizzas are served in the same dish as the burgers (pictured below). In a (Disney) world looking to increase prices and decrease portions, this is an odd but welcome change.

    Before we close out, we will note that the Curry-Spiced pizza has changed a bit to our taste. Not only has Disney added some potato slices, but it also tastes like they’ve toned down some of the spice as well, although that isn’t officially reflected in the menu. That doesn’t make it a bad change, just different than originally presented.

    Overall, we think that the changes to the Connections Eatery pizzas are positive. Dropping the side and increasing the portion size is a smart move. Connections Eatery remains a great choice for your day at EPCOT.

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