Iger Undoing Chapek-Era Changes & Restructuring Disney to “Honor and Respect Creativity as the Heart and Soul of Who We Are”

Newly reappointed Disney CEO Bob Iger has sent out an email to the Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution (DMED) branch of The Walt Disney Company, announcing that he will be restructuring Chapek-era changes. In the email, Iger not-so-subtly hints at the fact that the “old” organizational structure simply didn’t give creatives a proper spot at the table. In the email, Iger says that changes will “puts more decision-making back in the hands of our creative teams” while also restructuring things in a way that “honors and respects creativity as the heart and soul of who we are”. As a result, Kareem Daniel, head of DMED, has been let go.

Here is the email in its entirety, obtained by BlogMickey.com:

Dear DMED Employees,

As we embark on the transformative work that I mentioned to you in my email last night, I want to begin by offering my sincere appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of you.

Over the coming weeks, we will begin implementing organizational and operating changes within the company. It is my intention to restructure things in a way that honors and respects creativity as the heart and soul of who we are. As you know, this is a time of enormous change and challenges in our industry, and our work will also focus on creating a more efficient and cost-effective structure.

I’ve asked Dana Walden, Alan Bergman, Jimmy Pitaro, and Christine McCarthy to work together on the design of a new structure that puts more decision-making back in the hands of our creative teams and rationalizes costs, and this will necessitate a reorganization of Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution. As a result, Kareem Daniel will be leaving the company, and I hope you will all join me in thanking him for his many years of service to Disney.

Our goal is to have the new structure in place in the coming months. Without question, elements of DMED will remain, but I fundamentally believe that storytelling is what fuels this company, and it belongs at the center of how we organize our businesses.

This is a moment of great change and opportunity for our company as we begin our second century, and I am so proud to be leading this team again. I can’t say it enough:

I’m incredibly grateful for the tremendous work you do each day, and for your commitment to maintaining the level of excellence Disney has always been known for.

I know change can be unsettling, but it is also necessary and even energizing, and so I ask for your patience as we develop a roadmap for this restructuring. More information will be shared over the coming weeks. Until a new structure is put in place, we will continue to operate under our existing structure. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and thank you again for all you do.


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  1. Thank God! I stopped going about 4 years ago along with a VERY LARGE GROUP of people. We want nothing to do with Disney because of what they tote around. They brought in LGBTQ+ garbage and got rid of anything with Christian values…WHICH BY THE WAY WAS WALT’S THOUGHT PROCESS!!! Makes me sick! They need to clean up their act or they will lose everything! They think this is bad…keep it up. God isn’t playin’!

    • Hey Stephanie,
      A majority of the CM’s you interact with when you go to the parks are LGBTQ. Disney is not crying over the loss of your business. Disney is for everyone. Also, can you cite your sources on a Walt’s “Christian values”? Can you also point out what they “got rid of” in terms of your brand of “Christian” values?

      Also, I am a Christian myself. Your hateful rhetoric is anything BUT a Christian value! Stop speaking for the collective. LGBTQ people aren’t going anywhere and neither is Disney’s support of the community.
      Praying for YOU…God isn’t playin’!

  2. Next, fire the guy who made genie+. Bob most likely tries to use it in a park and was like what? People go to Disney to get away from it all, and now stuck inside their phones with park Wi-Fi?? I just saw they fired josh. Oh well, josh fiddled while Disney burned. New Bob most likely asked him wtf?

  3. This whole debacle has to do solely with the media sector of the company. That’s the only area that showed significant losses this last quarter. None of this will affect the parks.

  4. I think long-time visitors are hoping for the return of a free FastPass, or at least the end of Genie+, but I suspect those things are not on Iger’s radar.

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