Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration Stage Show at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration is a stage show in front of Cinderella Castle for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Feel the magic of the holidays come to life during a jubilant stage show that fills the air with music, laughter, shimmering snowflakes––and a whole lot of Disney Characters, too!

In this article, we’ll share some photos from the 2022 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and a video from 2019.

The stage show has two performers who sing a variety of holiday classics live.

An opening number of “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is followed by an uptempo version of “We Wish You The Merriest”.

When that concludes, we’re thrown into the story of Daisy trying to contact Donald, but not being able to reach him on his cell phone. The musical number here is “Text Me Merry Christmas” and then “Christmas Isn’t Christmas ‘Til You Get Here”.

Finally, Donald shows up!

A few photos of the 50th Anniversary crest as a momentary distraction.

With Donald Duck now on stage, we can kick off the holiday celebration with another ring of the doorbell. In rolls Clarabelle Cow to sing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” filled with all the diva personality you’d expect.

Another ring of the doorbell brings more friends, this time from Frontierland! Musical numbers here include “Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Christmas Time’s A Comin'”.

More friends are at the door and it’s time for a trip south of the border to celebrate Christmas with The Three Caballeros. In this section, we start with “Deck the Halls” before jumping into “Feliz Navidad”.

Even more friends are at the door! Fantasyland friends have arrived and we start with “Jingle Bells” before moving on to “Caroling, Caroling (Christmas Bells Are Ringing)”, then a high-paced version of “Ring Those Christmas Bells”, and finally “Jing-a-Ling Jing-a-Ling”.

It’s time for the big finale! The musical numbers here include “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “It Feels Like Christmas”.

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