Report: Disney Board Reached Out to Iger on Friday, Chapek Notified Of Departure Moments Before Official Announcement

    According to a report from CNBC, the deal to bring back Bob Iger as Disney CEO all unfolded this weekend. CNBC’s David Faber cited company sources, saying that the Board of Directors reached out to Iger on late Friday and ironed out the details over the weekend. According to Faber, former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was notified of his departure (resulting in Iger’s return) last night – the same night of the official announcement, which was made via email by Iger shortly before 9:45pm ET.

    The decision to replace Chapek was reportedly due to poor fourth-quarter results. And while internal candidates were considered, the candidates wouldn’t have been prepared to take the reigns as immediately as Iger.

    For a full report, including the full email from Iger to Cast Members announcing his return, check out our article below.

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    1. WHOO HOO!!! There is a God after all. Maybe now this former passholder for over 10 years will return. Can’t wait to see what the future holds Thank God Bob Igor is back before he who shall not be named did any more damage.

    2. Some renewed faith, some. Actions will speak volumes, words mean little. But at least there is a solid acknowledgement that the ship needs righting, a course correction has long been needed and it appears that most of upper management has recognized that fact for some time. Iger at least seems to have the proper focus on the business “of storytelling”, long Disney’s core business, historically nobody has done it better. Hopefully the ball does not get dropped here and the focus remains on long term goals and not short term gains.

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