Disney Patents Head Mounted Display That Could Change Character Costumes and Interactions

    Disney Enterprises has filed a patent for a system that provides visibility via a head-mounted display (HMD) for an operator of something. In the patent, two illustrations depict the HMD in use with an operator in a vehicle with limited to no forward visibility, and an operator in a character costume shaped like a rabbit. The use case of each can be directly tied to theme park offerings such as a car driving through Cars Land, or a character in a meet and greet situation.

    As seen below, the HMD could be used in character interactions, perhaps even increasing visibility and safety for the performer and guests when compared to the current system of providing a mesh viewport in some area of the head or body of the suit. As seen in the image below, the operator of the suit would be wearing a head-mounted display within the suit that creates a synthesized view of the surrounding area by combining data from omnidirectional cameras around the waist of the character (540a-c).

    Here’s a look at the current implementation of character viewports, with the see-through portion of this costume being created through the eyes.

    Other character costumes may use different viewports depending on the shape of the character depicted.

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