Thousands of Cast Members Set to Reject Disney World’s $1 Raise Offer

    The Service Trades Council Union (STCU), a Cast Member union representing more than 45,000 Disney World Cast Members, has released a statement that thousands of Cast Members are on the verge of rejecting Disney World’s $1 raise offer. Here’s the statement:

    Thousands of Disney workers are on the verge of rejecting Disney’s wage offer. Workers at Disney have been clear that they need immediate, large raises. All 6 unions representing workers in the Service Trades Council Union (STCU) are recommending that our members vote no on Disney’s contract proposal to keep fighting for the raises workers need.

    Disney is proposing raises of $1 a year for most workers, but $1 is not enough to pay for the cost-of-living crisis that workers are facing in Central Florida. Rent and other expenses have skyrocketed, leaving workers in a state of emergency.

    This offer leaves behind a clear majority of the workforce and would offer only a $1 raise to over 30,000 cast members. A “no” vote will show that Disney workers do not accept a $1 raise and want to keep pushing for higher raises for everyone.

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