DeSantis-Appointed Reedy Creek Board of Supervisors Assumes Control & Hints at Big Changes

    UPDATE: Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro issued the following statement:

    The Reedy Creek Improvement District created and maintained the highest standards for the infrastructure for the Walt Disney World Resort. We are hopeful the new Central Florida Tourism Oversight District will continue this excellent work and the new board will share our commitment to helping the local economy continue to flourish and support the ongoing growth of the resort and Florida’s tourism industry.
    Josh D’Amaro, Disney Parks, Experiences & Products Chairman

    Our original article continues below.

    There’s a new sheriff in town, or rather, five new Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID) Board of Supervisors members that have been appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Today’s meeting was the first public meeting of the Board of Supervisors as they get up to speed on more than 50 years of local government and how the District operates.

    The meeting opened with a public comments section, mostly dominated by the Reedy Creek Fire Department representatives and members. The Reedy Creek firefighters were overwhelmingly in support of DeSantis’ takeover of RCID, even standing with him at one of their firehouses when he officially signed the bill to assume control of RCID. During the comments, Jon Shirey, president of the RCFD union, spoke to the Board about how far the fire department has fallen in recent years. It was previously one of the highest-paid departments with the best resources in the state, but that hasn’t been the case. In one example, Shirey noted that Walt Disney World has the largest private fleet of watercraft in the country, and the fire department does not have a water rescue vehicle. He said the current plan for a water rescue is to head to the nearest marina and attempt to “commandeer” a vehicle from Disney that they can use. Another example provided by Shirey is that the RCFD has only increased the amount of active personnel by two firefighters since 1989, despite how much Disney has grown since then.

    A particularly moving comment came from the widow of a firefighter who pleaded with the board to deliver benefits promised since his passing in 2017.

    Another public comment came from former Cast Member Stephen Cribb who claimed to have been discriminated against by Disney on religious grounds surrounding COVID-19 policies. Cribb was there in support of the new Board, and he even brought up the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, questioning the “woke and crazy policies” of The Walt Disney Company. Cribb also took some time to praise DeSantis for “sending a clear message” to corporations through his actions to take over the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

    Following public comments, various Reedy Creek employees presented overviews of the different departments and initiatives within the District. Orientation presentations from the Communications and Public Records team as well as the Environmental Services department. These presentations served as rather high-level overviews of the departments and as an orientation for the new Board Members. With some overviews and orientation completed, it was time for new business.

    The new Board Members talked about some general issues such as which law firm to hire as outside special counsel and when to hold public meetings. Two of the items of discussion that may eventually have an effect on Walt Disney World were a ban on vaccine mandates brought to the table by Bridget Zeigler and police contracts brought up by Brian Aungst. Both topics were pushed down the road a bit until the Board figures out the correct procedures to bring up agenda items.

    Board Chair Martin Garcia closed the meeting by noting that there are plenty of big changes in the works for the soon to be renamed Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, but that the changes aren’t a reflection of the work that the current employees of the Reedy Creek Improvement District have done.

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    1. Well, thise of you who are resentful at Disney can maybe convince DeDantis and the Republicans to pass some progressive employment laws that will include regular pay hikes and to be able to get off of work to go to practice you religion freely. They won’t do that though because their to busy trying to tell women what to do, and having their foot on the neck of people of color and LGBTq community.

    2. Bottom line. Disney won. They kept 100% of the tax breaks and now the debt is being passed to the state of Florida. The only change might be a slight slowdown in getting permits…. maybe….

      Btw, disney currently has no mask or vaccine requirement.

    3. Sad to hear the firefighters don’t have the resources they need, but if they think DeSantis is going to give them more they’re delusional. He’d rather spend taxpayer money shipping Texas’ illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

      Notice DeSantis didn’t ship illegals from Florida to Massachusetts. That’s because he knows that illegal immigrant labor is propping up two of the biggest segments of the state’s economy, construction and agriculture.

      #Fraud #Pimp

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