DeSantis’ Oversight District Declares Disney World’s Reedy Creek Contract Null and Void, Approves “Superior Authority” Resolution

    During today’s Central Florida Tourism Oversight District meeting, general counsel Daniel Langley presented another long-winded presentation about how the District plans to declare the cornerstone Development Agreement with Walt Disney World null and void. Langley’s arguments largely hinge on procedural infirmities by the former Reedy Creek Improvement District.

    Arguments from Langley cite a lack of documenting exhibits within agenda packages to what Langley eludes to as suspicious timing for RCID to push through the Development Agreement before the new Board takes over. Langley says that RCID and Disney were purposefully trying to not be transparent in passing a Comprehensive Plan.

    Here’s a look at the provided timeline from Langley in what he presents as a suspicious renewed interest in a Comprehensive Plan between RCID and Walt Disney World.

    Former Justice of the FL Supreme Court Alan Lawson was up next, presenting further arguments that the Development Agreement would be invalid. One of the arguments provided by Lawson was the former RCID failed to present proper notice to affected landowners. Another argument was presented that the Development Agreement broke the Constitution as outlined below.

    Following the presentations, the Board then moved to declare the Development Agreement and Declaration of Restrictive Covenants void ab initio.

    The Board of Supervisors also approved Resolution 639, which was subbed the “Superior Authority” amendment.

    DeSantis’ Handpicked Reedy Creek Board Continues Blatant Power Grab, Introduces “Superior Authority” Amendment
    According to documents reviewed by, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District will introduce “superior authority”

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    1. The government taking over the administration of a privately owned corporation by force? Why, that’s not fascism at all, nosiree. Republicans love big government all up in their business. No hypocracy here.

    2. Ron DeSantis proves again and again:





      (lil Ron is super pro-fascism though)

    3. Now, the way I understand the way the Reedy Creek deal was done, was Florida gave Disney full control over itself and it was paying the taxes and doing all the upgrades and funding everything without taxpayer funds. Then Herr Dumbsantis gets his panties all in a wad, over his own personal agenda in regards to what can and can’t be referenced towards genders and what’s taught in schools and when a the State’s possibly largest employer and tax supplier says a single word; literally that HE doesn’t like, boom!!! He goes on his own private war that not only affects the taxpayers of Florida, but will affect those who will visit Disney because of his reckless abandon. His actions will have negative ramifications on the parks, which will be passed on to patrons. The whole thing will blow up, unless he’s stopped. THIS, is a travesty.

    4. Disney should shut down Disney World FL for 6 week’s. After the governor sees what it cost in unemployment benefits, lost tax revenue, and future votes. I think he would quit acting goofy. Please excuse the pun.

    5. Where do I start?
      Freedom: this is the word the GOP love to spit out. Wait a minute — women’s rights, concealed weapons, COVID, anti this, anti that bills. And don’t forget the weaponization of the government when they want to retaliate against a business or protect someone Hmmmm–sounds a little more like dictatorship, not FREEDOM!!!

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