Josh D’Amaro Talks About Data Collection & Integration With Theme Park Experiences: “It’s Essentially Starting to Happen Right Now”

    In the JP Morgan Global Technology, Media & Communications Conference this morning, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro was asked about how Disney is utilizing data from across its enterprise to customize theme park experiences.

    D’Amaro said that there is “quite a bit of work going on right now” across the enterprise to synchronize data from each of the businesses to create a complete picture of who a customer is. In the example D’Amaro used, he talked about the analyst that was on stage with him and said that Disney would know if he was a fan of ESPN or if he had been to the theme parks six times before, and be able to leverage that data to create a more personalized experience. This would not only create a better experience for the customer but likely create a better commercial conversion than a non-personalized experience.

    When asked about a timeframe, D’Amaro said that “it’s essentially starting to happen right now” and that Disney will continue to build new technology that will debut “in the very near term”.

    It’s not exactly clear how this data collection might translate to a theme park experience, especially given the rumored layoffs within the “Next-Gen Storytelling” division that was working on an ambitious “Disney Prime” experience. It’s possible that the data collection D’Amaro is talking about won’t be used to create a Metaverse project but instead, be used for idea creation and the development of future theme park attractions. Recently, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy spoke about how Disney plans on using Disney+ data to inform Imagineers about what to build next in the theme parks.

    Disney+ Data & Intellectual Property Will Drive Future Theme Park Investments
    Disney CFO Christine McCarthy talked about how Disney will continue to leverage its Intellectual Property to drive theme park investments

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