Disney Genie+ Reaches New Park-Specific Pricing High for Fourth of July Holiday

    A little less than a week after it was introduced, Disney Genie+ reached a new high for the per-park pricing structure. As a reminder, on June 27th Disney Genie+ changed its pricing structure from a one-size-fits-all flat rate for all four Walt Disney World theme parks to a park-specific pricing model that recognizes that not all theme parks and Lightning Lanes are created equal.

    Here’s a look at the new all-time highs for the park-specific pricing model:

    July 3rd Genie+ Pricing

    • Multiple Parks (Park Hopper): $29
    • Magic Kingdom only: $29
    • EPCOT only: $21
    • Disney’s Hollywood Studios only: $26
    • Disney’s Animal Kingdom only: $18

    The magic number that we’re going to reference throughout the summer when trying to extract “value” is $22. That’s the average price of Disney Genie+ in 2023 before the rollout of the park-specific pricing. If you were going to visit EPCOT during a normal day, you could expect to pay $22(ish). If you were going to visit during a holiday period of peak (or close to peak) pricing, you could expect to pay upwards of $35. Of course, EPCOT/Animal Kingdom are not created equal when it comes to Genie+ value as Magic Kingdom, so it was a bit unfair to pay the Magic Kingdom price if you were only visiting EPCOT. Now, with park-specific pricing, you’re paying almost 28% less for your EPCOT visit during this Fourth of July holiday period.

    To put the top-line number of $29 into perspective, that was considered the peak pricing before April 4, 2023. April 4th is a bit of an odd date in Genie+ history because it’s the day TRON Lightcycle Run opened and the day that Disney World jacked up its top-line price from $29 to $35. Now, TRON Lightcycle Run is not included in the Genie+ product, but Disney World decided to increase the maximum price nonetheless. So, the $29 that Disney World is charging today for Magic Kingdom and the Park Hopper option is what they charged during the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s timeframe, but still doesn’t match the post-TRON all-time high of $35.

    In short, Disney World is still offering Genie+ at a “discount” today at EPCOT and Animal Kingdom, but probably in line with what we’d expect for Fourth of July surge pricing. Disney World introduced surge pricing in October 2022, so there is no historical data on what we’d expect from the Fourth of July in years past.

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