Vertical Construction Underway for South Wing of DVC Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

    Vertical construction is underway for the south wing of the Disney Vacation Club tower opening at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort next year. The south wing is the final wing of rooms that will be built before attention shifts to the construction of the lush grounds surrounding the tower.

    We’ll start with a reminder of the concept art Disney has previously released for the tower.

    The southern wing is the one on the far left side of the tower complex in the concept art above, facing the pool area and the main footprint of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. For an idea of how the tower fits into the resort, check out our article below detailing the position, size, and layout of the tower.

    Permit Reveals Location, Size, and Shape of New Polynesian Village Disney Vacation Club Tower
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    Getting back to the most recent construction, here’s a look at the work underway today to build the southern wing of the new Disney Vacation Club tower.

    We’ll start with a view from the Aotearoa building.

    Here’s a closer look at the DualDeck technology from contractor Finfrock. These pre-fabricated slabs are made by attaching two 2.5-in.-thick precast, prestressed concrete slabs with high-strength reinforcement and steel angles. Within the space between the concrete slabs, piping and other conduit are pre-installed so when the slab shows up at the construction site, crews simply have to put in in place. The pre-fab slabs allow for a quicker build. We’re just over 150 days since the first slab went vertical back in February.

    Back to construction, an elevator and chute have been installed on the front of the building, which could signal the next phase of the project (interior construction) is picking up in pace. We previously noted that interior construction had begun in early July.

    Interior Room Construction Begins for Disney Vacation Club Tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
    A new phase of construction has begun for the Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

    Elsewhere on the construction site, flatbed trucks are staged with more pre-fab concrete slabs.

    Before we change our vantage point, here’s a third-floor look at what the view might be like from one of the rooms in the south wing with Magic Kingdom off in the distance.

    We’ll adjust our angle a bit and head over to the Tuvalo building next.

    As we wrap up today’s coverage, here’s a look at some of the interior work taking place.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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