FIRST LOOK: 50th Anniversary Medallions Removed from Fab50 Character Statues, No Pixie Dust Yet

    Walt Disney Imagineering has begun the process of removing the 50th Anniversary medallions from the Fab50 character sculptures at Animal Kingdom. All four character sculptures have had the 50th anniversary medallions removed, but we haven’t been able to spot any pixie dust paint effects on the statues. It’s possible that the pixie dust that Imagineering was referring to is not of the visible variety, but time will tell.

    The MagicBand+ effects still work with the medallion removed, as it was only a decorative piece. It’s likely that these Fab50 statues are sticking around past their intended 50th Anniversary run due to the fact that there aren’t a ton of compelling MagicBand+ interactions beyond the Batuu Bounty Hunter game.

    Here’s a look at how the 50th Anniversary medallion was seated on the base of the Fab50 character statues.

    Here’s a look at the Animal Kingdom Fab50 character statues from a visit to the park this morning. As you can see, the medallion has been removed from the statues, but there is no “pixie dust” effect on the base yet. We assume that will take a couple of months.

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