Following a Year of Inaction, Disney World Opens Keystone Clothiers Entrance Without Fixing Facade at Hollywood Studios

    Last September, the facade of Keystone Clothiers was damaged and boarded up. After nearly a full year of inaction, the entrance has reopened, but Disney World did not fix the damaged facade. Here’s a look back at the damage before we take a look at the area from earlier today.

    Keystone Clothiers side entrance facade damage (September 2022)

    While visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios this afternoon, we noticed that the long-boarded side entrance to Keystone Clothiers appeared to be fixed. As we got closer, we noticed that the facade damage from last September had not been fixed. Rather, Disney essentially sculpted wooden construction walls around the entrance and applied faux marble to the sides to make it appear to be fixed. In reality, the facade remains crumbled and damaged behind the walls.

    Here’s a look at the current solution to the damaged facade at Keystone Clothiers on Hollywood Boulevard.

    Some of the exterior damaged facade remains behind walls, even near the display case.

    Another piece of the damaged facade remains exposed.

    The construction walls have been “themed” as this solution appears to be a bit more long-term compared to the construction walls that have blocked the entrance for nearly a full year.

    It doesn’t look like the damage reached the interior of the gift shop.

    While having this entrance open and accessible is quite welcome, it’s unclear why the facade hasn’t been repaired yet. There has been plenty of opportunity for Disney World to fix this facade.

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