Robotic Arm Camera & Multi-Camera Array Photo Ops Bring Red Carpet Feel to Jollywood Nights

    While the Jollywood Nights event as a whole wouldn’t be something that we recommend, there were glimpses of brilliance at the event. In our Jollywood Nights review, we covered the excellent stage shows exclusive to the event, but there was also another highlight that we didn’t mention. There were two very unique Disney PhotoPass photo ops that brought the promised red carpet feel to the event – at least for 10 minutes or so.

    Over in Animation Courtyard, guests could find two photo ops that are quick reminiscent of today’s red carpet events. A robotic arm camera would record video in a fluid, dynamic motion that looked like it would be found at any modern awards show red carpet. At a second photo op, there was a multi-camera array that recorded a boomerang-style video that allowed for a freeze-frame photo. Both were unique PhotoPass opportunities and something that we’d absolutely love to see more of at future events.

    PhotoPass Robotic Arm Photo Op Jollywood Nights

    Over in the Disney Junior Dance Party theater in Animation Courtyard, guests could experience the robotic arm camera. They could choose one of two “themes” for the shot – either a “Slow-Glo” shot or a more dynamic “Celebrate” shot.

    Multi-Camera Array Photo Op Jollywood Nights

    Over in The Studio Store, guests could take a photo in front of an array of 9 cameras to create a simultaneous picture that provides a sweeping view of the scene in a boomerang-style video.

    All Disney PhotoPass photos, including these specialty photo ops, are included with your Disney Jollywood Nights admission.

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