Fantasy Springs Hotel Room Types & Reservation Dates Released

    The all-new Fantasy Springs expansion land will open on June 6, 2024 at Tokyo DisneySea, but that won’t be the only exciting offering opening that day. The new Fantasy Springs Hotel will also open on June 6th, and Tokyo Disneyland has announced new details about room types and reservation dates. Here’s the latest!

    Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

    Nestled on the banks of the Magic Fountain of Fantasy Springs, this hotel is integrated into the park, and it consists of two types of hotels: the luxury type “Grand Chateau” and the deluxe type “Fantasy Chateau”.

    As you’d imagine, guests staying at the hotel will have direct access to Fantasy Springs with a valid park ticket.

    Hotel Backstory

    Once upon a time, in the far distance, there was a magical spring inhabited by spirits. While nurturing a beautiful garden, the spirit of the fountain traveled with the flow of water as his curiosity took him, and came across many fantasy stories. When the spirits returned to the magic spring, they used their magical powers to scrape the stones and trees around the fountain, creating intricate shapes that resembled the people they met. Then, humming a number of melodies that he had heard on his travels, he danced in the water and frolicked around.

    Time passed, and one day, a woman who loved travel and adventure came to this beautiful magical spring. As she followed the flow of water and rivers gushing out of springs, she found a world of various stories. Fascinated by the magical fountain, she built a villa nearby, but eventually built a larger mansion to share the world of the story with more friends. Even now, if you follow the stream that flows out of the spring, you will be able to visit various worlds of stories.

    Fantasy Springs Hotel Room Types

    There are two main room types in the Fantasy Springs Hotel.

    Grand Chateau

    The Grand Chateau has a total of 56 rooms. All rooms have a balcony or terrace and views of Fantasy Springs in front of you.

    There are a few different room types, including an “Alcove Room” (4 people, twin beds, 70㎡), “Terrace Room” (4 people, twin beds, 70㎡), “Grand Room” (4 people, twin beds, 100㎡), “Grand Terrace Room” (4 people, twin beds, 100㎡).

    Additional information about the room is not available on the Tokyo Disneyland website yet.

    Fantasy Chateau

    Fantasy Chateau has a total of 419 rooms. The rooms are decorated with motifs of Disney movie characters such as “Rapunzel” and “Bambi” and flowers everywhere, such as wallpaper and lighting fixtures. In addition, the guest rooms are divided into four types depending on the location (side): Bay Area Side, Hotel Entrance Side, Rose Courtside, and Spring Side.

    On the Bay Area Side and Hotel Entrance Side, room types include “Superior Room”, “Superior Alcove”, “Deluxe” (4 people, twin bed, 41㎡).

    For Rose Courtside, the room types include “Superior Room”, “Superior Alcove”, “Superior with Park View”, “Superior Alcove with Park View” (4 people, twin bed, 41㎡), and “Deluxe Room” (4 people, twin bed, 48㎡).

    For Springside rooms, room types include “Deluxe Alcove with Partial View”, “Deluxe Alcove with Park Grand View”, “Deluxe Balcony with Grand Park View”, “Deluxe Alcove with Grand Park View” (5 people, twin bed, 50㎡).

    Fantasy Springs Hotel Reservation Dates

    Tokyo Disneyland has announced that guests looking to book a reservation from June 6th through June 23rd will be able to do so on February 2, 2024. Guests looking to book a date in June beyond June 23rd will be able to do so starting March 3, 2024, and guests looking to book a stay for dates beyond June 2024 can do so up to 4 months before their intended travel dates.

    You can book up to 5 rooms for a maximum of 3 nights during the sales period.

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