Blackwells Capital Outlines Plans for AI at Disney Theme Parks (Crowd Management, Predictive Maintenance, Real-Time Ticket Price Changes)

    As part of a presentation of what it believes the future of Disney should be, proxy battle participant Blackwells Capital LLC outlined improvements that it thinks Disney should make with regard to technology. Blackwells is calling for an overarching CTO for the company that would implement technology improvements to boost the stock price for Disney. Blackwells said that Disney’s research & development has been anemic and that it should be a leader in artificial intelligence development.

    While a good deal of the presentation focused on how Disney can leverage technology in general, Blackwells presented a “case study” where it outlines how Disney can be a leader in AI. When it comes to the theme parks, Blackwells suggest the following actions:

    • Real-Time Crowd Management: Implement Al algorithms to analyze foot traffic patterns within the park in real-time – Disney can dynamically adjust the flow of guests, redistributing crowds to alleviate congestion in popular areas and optimizing the overall park experience
    • Personalized Guest Recommendations: Utilize Al-driven recommendation systems to provide personalized suggestions to park visitors based on their preferences, historical data, and current location
    • Predictive Maintenance: Employ Al predictive maintenance algorithms to monitor the condition of park facilities, rides, and infrastructure to anticipate potential issues before they occur, reducing downtime, and ensuring that attractions are operational
    • Optimized Staff Allocation: Utilize Al-powered workforce management systems to optimize staffing levels across different areas of the park to efficiently allocate staff resources to ensure that each section of the park is adequately staffed
    • Dynamic Pricing Strategies: Implement Al-driven dynamic pricing strategies to optimize ticket pricing and incentivize visits during off-peak times. Disney can adjust ticket prices in real-time to balance supply and demand, maximize revenue, and distribute crowds more evenly throughout the day and across seasons

    Blackwells Capital LLC has put up three people for nomination to the Disney Board of Directors. The other player in the ongoing proxy battle is Trian Fund Management. he Disney Board of Directors does not endorse any of the third-party candidates.

    The 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on April 3, 2024.

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