First Permit Filed for Test Track Reimagining at EPCOT

    The first permit has been filed for the Test Track reimagining at EPCOT. The permit, which names common Disney contractor Coastal Steel, lists the scope of the work as “general construction”. Usually, “general construction” permits are unremarkable, especially when filed by Buena Vista Construction Company, but this one is notable for a few reasons.

    First, the location of Test Track is notable due to the previously announced retheme of the ride. Next is the contractor not being Disney’s own in-house construction company. Coastal Steel has been a part of numerous Disney World projects, including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Expedition Everest, the Chinese Theater at Hollywood Studios, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Mission: SPACE, TRON Lightcycle Run, work at Blizzard Beach, the Sorcerer’s Hat at Hollywood Studios, Cinderella Castle, and more.

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train construction via Coastal Steel

    Perhaps the most interesting part of the permit is the expiration date. Typically, contractors leave the expiration date blank on Notice of Commencement permits, which indicates a 1-year expiration date. In the case of this permit, the expiration date is February 28, 2025.

    Disney World has already announced a closing date of June 17th for the Test Track reimagining, but they have not announced a reopening date yet. The expiration date of February 2025 doesn’t necessarily indicate that the ride will open around then, but it does indicate that Disney doesn’t want whatever work is covered under the permit to last into March 2025.

    Depending on the scope of the work, we could imagine that the attraction will be closed through at least winter 2024, and very likely into Spring 2025. Recent ride rethemes such as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and Frozen Ever After have taken 18-20 months. It remains to be seen how expansive the work at Test Track will be, and Disney World hasn’t announced very many details about the project.

    Disney Imagineers are gearing up to bring the next iteration of Test Track to life and are reaching back into Disney’s history for inspiration, including the original World of Motion attraction from the early days of EPCOT.

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    1. I soooooo hate these posts. At least have some FL building code knowledge before posting this stuff. Or explain it better.

      NOCs ≠ Permits

      NOCs are agreements between contractors, suppliers, and the property owners (or in commercial cases, the property tenant). If any one of those default on payment, then they can go the civil route.

      NOCs are filed when they would like to start the work or the project to begin. Permits need to be approved, a recorded and certified NOC on file before any inspections begin. NOCs are part of the permit but are not the whole thing. Most contractors file once a contract has been signed and before the application for the work has been submitted.

      NOCs ALWAYS expire a year after they have been recorded. If they place at date on them, then they expire on that date, rarely do they do that. If no work is ready for inspection, then it lapses, and a new one will be required before an inspection can begin/be required

      Permits in FL stay valid for at least 6 months from approval, issuance, or the most recent passed inspection. This will then keep the NOC active passed its supposed expiration date


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