Installation of ‘Smellephants on Parade’ Activation Nearly Complete at Magic Kingdom

    We’re but a single scented pachyderm away from having the full set of Smellephants on display ahead of their May 2024 debut. The latest elephant to be installed is a citrus-inspired statue. The Smellephants on Parade activation is presented by multi-level marketing company Scentsy as part of a multi-year agreement with Walt Disney World. Here’s a look at the latest Smellephant, followed by a recap of previously perched pachyderms.


    Looking like a tall glass of something, the latest Smellephant can be found near the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station. A nearby plot awaits the final elephant installation. Back to our citrus-y friend, there are hues of yellow and orange throughout its body, along with ice cubes.

    At the risk of overanalyzing the art here, it looks like the floating fruits more closely resemble lemon than they do orange, but there is no doubt some intentional orange coloration near the Smellephant’s feet. Either way, this may be the easiest scent to pull off when the scents are activated next month.


    Snow Cone

    Caramel-Dipped Apple

    Cotton Candy

    Corn Dog

    Chocolate-Dipped Churro

    Smellephants on Parade

    Smellephants on Parade will be an optional interactive search-and-sniff experience where guests will be invited to be Timothy Q. Mouse’s “Whiff-sistant” in search of a new act for Dumbo. Guests will find a ticket booth in front of Big Top Souvenirs, where a cast member will provide an illustrated map of the land and a sticker sheet to guide them.

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