From Bayou Bands to Best Friends: Every Character You’ll Encounter in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

    Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will open to the public on June 28th, and early attraction previews have offered us a chance to ride a number of times! For our full review of the attraction, check out our earlier article. In this article, we’re going to take a look at every single character that you’ll spot during the ride.

    Set after the events of the Princess and the Frog movie, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure brings back familiar friends such as Tiana, Naveen, Mama Odie, and more. The attraction also introduces all-new, original characters as well. We’ll start with some of the already known characters before meeting some new characters!

    Princess Tiana

    The namesake of the attraction, Princess Tiana is seen multiple times throughout the attraction. Here’s a look at a few of her appearances.

    Louis the Alligator

    Louis the Alligator also appears multiple times and plays a big role in the attraction storyline. Louis is the one who forgets to book a band for Tiana’s Mardi Gras party, leading to a last-minute search for musicians that takes us into the bayou.

    Mama Odie

    Mama Odie, like Louis and Tiana, shows up in both physical and digital form throughout the attraction.

    Prince Naveen

    Surprisingly, Prince Naveen only shows up during the finale of the attraction. According to early concept art, Naveen was going to be found in the bayou with Tiana and some critters, but that never turned out to be the case.

    Prince Ralphie

    The younger brother of Prince Naveen, Prince Ralphie is found in the finale scene, drumming away between Louis and Tiana.

    Charlotte La Bouff

    Tiana’s best friend, Charlotte La Bouff, can also be found only in the finale scene. Look to the left side of your boat as you enter the scene to find Charlotte and Tiana’s mom, Eudora.


    Tiana’s mom, Eudora, is next to Charlotte in the finale scene on the left side of the ride.

    Bayou Critter Band

    As we drop into the bayou, we first see Louis, but then a critter band on the dock comes into view. We’ll see them in the finale scene as well, but this is their time to shine!

    Gritty the Rabbit
    Timoléon the Otter
    Apollo the Racoon and Rufus the Turtle
    Byhalia the Beaver and Beau the Opossum
    • Byhalia the Beaver
      Byhalia doesn’t just build dams; she helps build musical instruments using natural materials from the bayou. As a strong-willed percussionist, it’s safe to say Byhalia is the heartbeat of the band, as well as a natural designer and engineer.
    • Beau the Opossum
      Seeing limitless possibilities, no one finds more wonder in the bayou and the sounds of zydeco music than Beau. All she knows is beauty, especially her own. You can find her plucking out the low notes with her upright gourd bass, which of course, involves some musical dexterity with her tail.
    • Gritty the Rabbit
      Always willing to dig a little deeper to help others, Gritty plays the washboard (a found automobile license plate) with a high-energy flair. It’s the perfect instrument for someone who’s often overzealous and digs to relieve her nerves.
    • Timoléon the Otter
      He’s the eldest of the band, but Timoléon’s fiddle-playing is inspired by all the ‘kids’ he spends his time around while in the bayou. When he’s not sawing out a jig, he’s famous for telling stories of days long ago about his explorations of every corner of the bayou.
    • Apollo the Raccoon
      Apollo loves transforming abandoned objects into works of musical art – like his squeezebox. He’s full of energy and storytelling, especially about the objects he finds in the bayou. He’s particularly close with Rufus and appreciates Rufus’ calm demeanor.
    • Rufus the Turtle
      Rufus may be a turtle, but he’s quick to jump into rhythm with his harmonica. He’s also the first to join in on new adventures! He’s genuine and sincere but may come across as a little sarcastic at times with his habitual sighing. Rufus loves going on adventures with Apollo.

    Bobcat Duo

    A grandfather-granddaughter duo plays in front of Tiana and Louis as we continue through the bayou.

    Pawpaw the Bobcat
    Octavia the Bobcat
    • Pawpaw the Bobcat
      Not only is Pawpaw Octavia’s devoted grandfather, but he also taught her how to play the vaksin! Pawpaw lives to make Octavia smile and has the view that everything has a way of working itself out – he’s seen it all but isn’t jaded.
    • Octavia the Bobcat
      Octavia plays the vaksin, a single-note horn instrument popular in Rara music. She’s an adventurous bobcat kitten, and she loves climbing and hanging out in trees almost as much as she loves performing. This daredevil almost never gets scared.

    Bear & Fox Band

    After we pass by the Bobcat Band, there is a Bear Band joined by a fox on the left side of the boat. Of course, we also see them in the finale scene, but this is your best look at the quartet!

    Phina the Fox
    Sebastián the Louisiana Black Bear
    Claude the Louisiana Black Bear
    Bernadette the Louisiana Black Bear
    • Phina the Gray Fox
      Phina’s enthusiasm extends beyond her drumming, as she’s constantly thinking of new ideas with optimism and energy! This imaginative fox is continually starting new projects with excitement, and her friends accept and celebrate her unique thinking.
    • Bernadette the Louisiana Black Bear
      Bernadette loves to enjoy life, from splashing in the waters of her bayou home with her cub, Sebastián, to playing the horn with her mate, Claude. She’s a clear thinker and is warm and supportive. Bernadette loves to sink into the bayou waters and munch on plants (so long as Sebastián is clearly within sight).
    • Sebastián the Louisiana Black Bear
      Though he’s definitely a “mama’s cub,” Sebastián charted his own musical course as a drummer, despite his parents being devoted horn players. He’s happy to follow his friend Octavia’s adventurous lead as they explore and play, and is fascinated with the small details in the bayou, like the insects and mushrooms
    • Claude the Louisiana Black Bear
      Claude is a salt of the earth kind of bear (or, as they say in the bayou, “salt of the mound”) who plays his horn along with the other members of his family. He’s a tinkerer who loves to create with things found in the forest, and is frequently funny without intending to be, especially when it comes to his home-grown creations.


    Toward the end of the ride, before we make it to the 52.5′ drop down into the bayou below, we pass through a nightclub operated by frogs. It’s a fun moment where Mama Odie gets to show off some of her magic, shrinking us down to the size of frogs before making us human-sized again.

    We first see the frogs we’ll meet in a wonderful scene before Mama Odie works her magic. Before we take a closer look at each frog, we’ll introduce them. From left to right in the photo immediately below, we have: Felipe, Mayra, Isabel, and Mondo!

    Mondo the Frog
    Mondo is a natural on the conga drums, which he made as a happy accident when his favorite bottle cap got stuck on his second-favorite acorn. From there, the rhythm in Mondo’s soul took over! He’s very copacetic and accepts what comes, a trait as steady and reliable as his drumbeat.

    Mondo the Frog
    • Felipe the Frog
      Deep among the cypress trees, you’ll hear band leader Felipe making musical magic on the piano! Felipe is also the proprietor of an exclusive bayou night club, where the local fireflies love to dance the night away to a musical recipe of hot rhythms and spicy melodies. He’s an old-school family guy, especially to his “family” in the band.
    • Isabel the Green Tree Frog
      Learning from Mondo’s example, Isabel loves getting lost in the music playing her congas. She’s the youngest member of the group, and there’s nothing she loves more than “going with the flow” and getting to play drums all night long!
    • Mayra the Frog
      Have you ever seen a frog play a flower blossom like a trumpet? You will when you meet Mayra; be sure to stick around for one of her toe-tapping solos. Mayra’s the most ambitious of the four frogs and has been practicing her instrument since she was just a tadpole!
    Mayra the Frog
    Felipe the Frog
    Isabel the Green Tree Frog

    Gloria and Delores
    Two best friends who love to observe folks as they float in logs down the bayou. Don’t be surprised if they keep their watchful eyes on you as you float by!

    Gloria and Delores


    This mischievous fella, while quiet in demeanor, seems to always show up where you least expect him to. I hear he has a habit of “borrowing” things that aren’t his (although those things eventually make it into the right “paws”). 

    Lari dabbles in a bit of light thievery and is, perhaps, a vandal. The one-eyed armadillo, quite frankly, steals things. I’m sure it’s not his fault, there are a lot of wonderful vegetables and some wonderful smelling beignets, but did you really have to knock over the light, Lari?

    Make sure you keep a close eye on Lari, because he’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on you!

    Veggie Louis

    As much as we love an armadillo with a penchant for the reallocation of resources, Veggie Louis earns a smile from me every ride. In fact, Veggie Louis has been living rent-free in my mind ever since he was hinted at in the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure scale model back in September 2022.

    Veggie Louis in the scale model
    Veggie Louis, our lord and savior, in real life

    There are other characters, such as fireflies in the frog nightclub scene and humans in the finale, that are screen-based characters. We’re not really counting them for this article, but they generally do a good job of adding life to a scene as a secondary effect to the Audio-Animatronics or simple-motion figures.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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