Leaked Concept Art Reveals New Look at Encanto Attraction & More for Tropical Americas DinoLand USA Retheme

    New concept art has leaked on social media, appearing to give us a new look at the Tropical Americas retheme for DinoLand USA at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The leak comes via @FiBelleFi on Twitter, and it includes two pieces of concept art showing ground-level views of the planned Encanto-themed attraction and an Indiana Jones-themed area.

    Tropical Americas Overview

    First, here’s a look at the only officially released concept art so far for the Tropical Americas-themed land coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In the overview, we can see that the Encanto-themed attraction will be located in the northeast corner of the land.

    For a better idea of what each area will be replacing from DinoLand USA, we created this information overlay graphic showing what is (or was) on each plot of land.

    Encanto Casita (NEW Concept Art)

    The first piece of concept art shows the Castia from Disney’s Encanto. This proposed attraction will be on the site (and backstage areas) of the former Primeval Whirl ride. Chester & Hester’s DinoRama games will also be removed to create room for the house facade and surrounding area.

    The artwork shows the Castia sitting on a hill in the distance, and some kiosks (maybe food kiosks) in the foreground. The whole area appears to be quite lush compared to the parking lot and empty pit that sits in this area of DinoLand USA at present.

    Indiana Jones-Themed Area (NEW Concept Art)

    Considerably less defined is the concept art below of what is expected to be an Indiana Jones-themed area. The artwork is much harder to place than the Encanto artwork above, and nothing in the current overview model exactly matches the artwork below.

    That said, plans can and do change over time. It’s possible that the artwork could show a transition from an area expected to be themed to Coco to the Indiana Jones area. The DINOSAUR attraction is currently planned to become an Indiana Jones attraction following the retheme of DinoLand USA.

    As with any leak or rumor, the information here should be treated as unofficial unless and until Disney confirms it.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at BlogMickey.com as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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    1. The second image is of the entrance to Tropical Americas, not Indiana Jones. It has the same arch as the 2023 D23 concept art


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