Zootopia Land Exhibit Debuts at EPCOT

    Guests visiting the China Pavilion can now find an exhibit featuring Zootopia Land from Shanghai Disneyland. The display features concept art, maquettes, models, Cast Member costumes, and more! Guests can find the Zootopia Land exhibit in the House of the Whispering Willows Gallery. The Zootopia Land display is part of a larger Shanghai Disneyland exhibit that has been in the gallery since June 2016.

    Zootopia Land Exhibit in EPCOT

    Zootopia hasn’t been added to the banners at the entrance to the gallery, but perhaps that’s because Zootopia was an addition.

    The gallery features a number of great displays showcasing various lands and aspects of Shanghai Disneyland.

    Focusing our attention on the Zootopia Land display, guests will find it in the back left of the room, close to the doorway that exits into the Reflections of China waiting area.

    Before we take a closer look at the main display, here’s a look at the Zootopia Hot Pursuit Attraction Host Costume as sen in the loading area of the ride.

    Ok, a few overview photos of the display case before we take a closer look at the individual elements.

    Jumbeaux’s Café Treats
    Inspired by the Jumbo-pops from the film, these Chocolate Marshmallows come in two sizes – lemming and elephant.

    Animal Macquettes
    Animals of all shopes and sizes fill the bustling streets of Zootopia with life. These mammal maquettes helped inspire the designers to create the larger-than-life residents that appear all around the city.

    Zootopia Merchandise
    Created especially for Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort, these fierce fashions and growl-worthy gifts invite Guests to take a walk on the wild side and celebrate their inner animals.

    A model of some of the facades and buildings is also on display. Readers of the site will know how much I enjoy a good scale model!

    All-Terrain ZPD Cruiser
    This “mouse-sized” model was used to develop the attraction’s unique trackless vehicles. Guests hop aboard these dynamic ZPD cruisers to go sliding, spinning, and speeding throughout the diverse biomes of Zootopia.

    A mini version of the main zootopia city facades is on display to celebrate the grand opening of the expansion.

    An Attraction Host costume is on display. This one is also from the Hot Pursuit attraction, but from the unloading area.

    We’ll close out with a closer look at some of the concept art and photos on display along the back wall of the display case.

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