Club Cool Opens at EPCOT With All-New Lineup of Flavors

    The all-new Club Cool is now open at EPCOT as part of the World Celebration section of the park. The reopening follows a 737-day closure as the Coca-Cola sample shop moves from the old Innoventions West structure to the all-new World Celebration shopping and dining buildings. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the revitalized Club Cool as well as take a look back at the old location. So grab a cold Coca-Cola and let’s take a look around!

    What is Club Cool?

    Club Cool is an “attraction” where guests can sample different Coca-Cola flavors from all over the world, free of charge. Perhaps less of an attraction than a corporate showcase, Club Cool is the result of a long-standing partnership between The Walt Disney Company and Coca-Cola that dates back to 1955 and the opening of Disneyland. The first iteration of Club Cool was actually called Ice Station Cool back when it debuted in 1998. Since then, guests have made grabbing a complimentary Coke as much a part of the EPCOT experience as riding Spaceship Earth or taking a stroll around World Showcase Lagoon.

    Where is Club Cool Located?

    Club Cool is located within the World Celebration neighborhood of EPCOT. Here’s a quick look at the four neighborhoods that will make up the EPCOT of tomorrow.

    We’ve outlined the specific location in red in the two maps below. Club Cool shares a building with Creations Shop – EPCOT’s flagship store.

    Club Cool used to be part of the old Innoventions West structure that has since been demolished. For a look back at the old location, check out our article below.

    A Look Back at the Old Club Cool Location in EPCOT
    Join us for a look back at the old Club Cool EPCOT location. A photo tour of the space as well as descriptions of the free sample

    What Soda is Available at Club Cool?

    Club Cool flavors, and the different countries they represent, have always been an integral part of this fan-favorite experience.

    Yes, the “beloved” Beverly flavor is back at Club Cool. Here’s a rundown of all of the sodas currently available at Club Cool as of its reopening:

    • Beverly (Italy) – Beverly, with its bitter flavor, is a popular non-alcoholic apertif that is a traditional part of Italian refreshment culture.
    • Bon Bon Anglais (Madagascar) – Exlusive to Madagascar, Bon Bon Anglais offers a unique taste experience with a blend of tropical fruit flavors.
    • Country Club Merengue (Dominican Republic) – Enjoy the smooth, creamy tropical fruit taste of Country Club Merengue from the Dominican Republic. Pronounced “muh-reng-gey”, the music and dance is just as popular as this sweet sparkling drink.
    • Minute Maid Joy Apple Lychee (Korea) – Minute Maid Joy Apple Lychee is a still beverage with ripe apple and lychee notes. Lychee is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree native to southern China and now cultivated in many parts of the world.
    • Royal Wattamelon (Philippines) – Royal Wattamelon is a sparkling beverage with a refreshingly, sour watermelon flavor available exclusively in the Philippines.
    • Smart Sour Plum (China) – Suan Mei Tang or Sour Plum Tea is a traditional Chinese beverage that has existed for over 1,000 years. Smart Sour Plum has a savory, sweet and tart flavor that is considered by many to be the ultimate sparkling thirst quencer on a hot day.
    • Sprite Cucumber (Russia) – Sprite originally launched in 1961 and is now enjoyed in multiple countries around the world. Sprite Cucumner from Russia has a crisp cucumber flavor, providing a refreshing twist on this classic lemon-lime beverage.
    • Viva Raspberry (Moldova) – Viva Raspberry is a delicious sparkling beverage from Molvoda, a country in Eastern Europe. The slightly tart, yet sweet raspberry flavor is complimented by a hint of raspberry juice.

    To sample a flavor, simply grab a sample cup and walk up to any available fountain, and enjoy!

    Here’s a look back at the old lineup of Club Cool flavors:

    • Beverly (Italy) – Beverly, with its bitter flavor, is a popular non-alcoholic apertif that is a traditional part of Italian refreshment culture.
    • Fanta Pineapple (Greece) – Fanta has more than 90 distinct flavors available in more than 180 countries. It made its European debut in the 1940s and was introduced to the USA in 1960. Fanta Pineapple is caffine-free and features a sweet pineapple taste.
    • Fanta Melon Frosty (Thailand) – Fanta is the number one soft drink of Thailand. With a fun melon flavor, this carbonated beverage is beloved in Thailand’s sunny, tropical climate.
    • VegitaBeta (Japan) – Originally launched in Japan in 1992, VegitaBeta is a non-carbonated beverage with apricot and passion fruit flavors and is rich in beta-carotene that contributes to its unique yellowis-orange color.
    • Bibo (South Africa) – Originally created in 1998, Bibo is a fruit flavored line of juice drinks popular in South Africa. The brand features fun characters such as Johnny Orange, Taka Strawberry, and Paolo Peach.
    • Sparberry (Zimbabwe) – A raspberry flavored cream soda, Sparberry launched in Africa in 1955. It is exclusively available in several countries in southeast Africa.
    • Inca Kola (Peru) – Known as “The Taste of Peru”, this soda has an unusually sweet fruity flavor that many compare to the taste of liquid bubblegum. The name “Inca Kola” refers to the Quechua words for king and queen.
    • Guarana Kuat (Brazil) – A guarana berry flavored soft drink first launched in Brazil in 1997. The word guarana comes fromt he Guarani word guara-na, which translates to “fruit like the eyes of the people”.

    In addition to the new lineup of flavors, guests can purchase ice cream floats for $5.49, frozen lemonade for $4.99, or a standard lineup of soda for $3.99 each.

    New Club Cool Photo Tour

    Check out some more photos from the all-new Club Cool location at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

    On the exterior, the new Club Cool marquee utilizes the EPCOT World Bold font and bright coke red to try and entice guests to visit. Of course, it’s the iconic Coca-Cola logo that does the best job of describing what guests will be able to find inside. A little more subtle hint is in the glass that is inspired by the classic green-hued glass Coca-Cola bottles.

    Once inside, we can see how Disney has updated the space to tell a familiar story in a fresh new way. The space is smaller than the old Club Cool, but only just. Perhaps the biggest limitation to the new space will be a limitation of fewer than 70 people at a time. Also, there is only one way in and one way out, unlike the previous location.

    As with the previous location, some merchandise is available for purchase.

    New Magic

    As part of the Club Cool announcement, Walt Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley teased that there would be some “new magic”. As far as we could tell, there wasn’t anything that would be described as new magic, unless Riddley was referencing the new flavors we already covered.

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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