How to Unlock “Chewie Mode” on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

    In a land built for guests to explore the Star Wars experience, there are a few hidden details around Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that only the most experienced fan will know about. There’s a hidden Millennium Falcon, references to old Hollywood Studios attractions, and there’s even a secret mode that you can unlock in the Smugglers Run attraction. In this article, we’re going to walk you through how to unlock “Chewie Mode” for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run!

    unlock chewie mode millennium falcon

    A new “hack” has been discovered by Disney guests that replaces the voice of pirate Hondo Ohnaka with Chewbacca for the entire ride. If the concept of coaxium and what buttons to press wasn’t confusing enough to the average guest, how about instructions in an unrecognizable language like Shyriiwook? All you need is a crew of six to work together and you can unlock “Chewie Mode” in just a few steps!

    unlock chewie mode millennium falcon

    Here’s a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to unlock “Chewie Mode” on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run!

    1. DO NOT activate your position right away like you would normally do.

    You need to do some pre-flight button pressing or joystick movements before you hit the big blinking activation button.

    2. Take a seat and buckle in so the Cast Member can go through their pre-flight check

    Cast Members tell us that buckling up before you start to try to unlock Chewie Mode does not impact your ability to unlock the secret mode, and buckling up right away helps them speed up the loading process.

    3. Pilot Instructions

    Each position can go through the unlock procedure independently of the others, but we’ll start with pilot positions because their instructions are a little different from the other positions. Pilots, you will want to put the joystick into the extreme position. For the pilot on the left, that means putting the joystick either all the way to the left or all the way to the right. For the pilot seated on the right, that means either putting the joystick all the way up or all the way down.

    Once the joystick is in the extreme position, hold it in that position and then press the activate button to activate your position. Pilots are done.

    4. Gunners and Engineers

    Gunners and Engineers have a relatively simple task. Next to each seat is a display panel like the one pictured below. All you have to do if you’re an Engineer or a Gunner is press AND HOLD one of the white buttons directly next to the display. While holding the white button, you can then press your activation button.

    Ensure all this is done before the Cast Member checks your seatbelts and hits their confirmation button. That means that while there isn’t a requirement for all guests to perform their unlock action at the same time, you should all be quick enough to complete the task in 5-10 seconds.

    That’s it! If everyone did it correctly, you should hear Chewbacca’s voice during the entire ride instead of Hondo Ohnaka’s voice. Check out our video below for a full ride-through of “Chewie Mode”!

    As always, keep checking back with us here at as we continue to bring you the latest news, photos, and info from around the Disney Parks!

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