We made it out to Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for this weeks Wildlife Wednesday. Let’s take a look at what we found!

KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-1 KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-2

First up is the Greater Kudu.


The critically endangered Black Rhino.


The Nyala.




Some Nile Crocodiles.


The recently added African Wild Dogs. They may not look like much here, but African Wild Dogs are one of the most highly successful hunters in the wild with a kill rate of about 80%. For comparison, a Lion is only successful about 10% of the time.


Ankole Cattle were some of the first properly domesticated animals, having been well established by 4000 B.C. and appearing in pictographs in ancient Egyptian pyramids.


Making our way through the safari, we encountered a Giraffe-ic jam and had to stop for a few minutes. This allowed us to see some Giraffes up close and even see the three baby giraffes.

KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-11 KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-12 KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-13 KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-10

While one set of baby animals might be enough for one safari, we were lucky enough to see a couple baby elephants. One was even nursing!

KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-14 KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-15



Cheetahs! Some were out enjoying the cool weather, while the others relaxed.

KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-17 KilimanjaroSafari_01192016-18

A zebra and what appear to be a couple of Dama gazelle.


And finally the mighty (tired) lion.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick trip aboard the Kilimanjaro Safaris as much as we did!

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