Pandora construction update (2/16/2016)

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  • Stewart Buchanan

    It’s fun comparing photos of the progress to the model shown at D23. It’s becoming easy to see the layout of the land.

    • Mike

      Absolutely! I just wish we could see more!

  • Billdog

    Not to be negative, I think this will be a great addition to the park when it finally is complete, but they have taken too long to build this. They can’t take this long to build Star Wars and Toy Story. 2-3 years should be plenty of time to finish.

    • Mike

      I agree that the pace has been disappointing. I just hope that it’s amazing once it opens.

      I think Disney has to move quicker on Star Wars and Toy Story Lands. I would imagine the WDW 50th anniversary in 2021 would be the must-be-ready-by date