Walls are up this morning around the Streets of America, blocking off roughly 1/3rd of Hollywood Studios.

Let’s start at Writer’s Stop, which is still open.

HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-1 HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-2

On the opposite side, as you walk from Star Tours to MuppetVision 3D, walls run the entire length.


We can see walls around the former Pizza Planet on the right, walls around Streets of America straight ahead, and the entrance to MuppetVision 3D to the left.


Walls are also up at the exit to MuppetVision 3D. This is where guests used to be able to meet with Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Phineas and Ferb.

HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-8 HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-9

Walking clear across the park, we can see the third set of walls is up near Toy Story Midway Mania.


This set of walls contains concept art for Toy Story Land.

HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-11 HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-10

These walls will be up for years, so they contain little bits of encouragement for guests who don’t like looking at walls.

HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-4 HollywoodStudios_Walls_04032016-5

To recap, there is a dead end at Streets of America, MuppetVision 3D, and near Toy Story Midway Mania. Here’s the updated map.

One of those pieces of concept art contains what appears to be a hint at the layout of Hollywood Studios once the construction is complete, but more on that in a bit.