Walt Disney Imagineering has filed a notice of commencement for something titled “Project D” for Hollywood Studios and Disneyland. “Project Delos” is said to be the internal codename for Star Wars Land in Disneyland.

The big thing here is the end date, September 26, 2019. It seems like Disney is shooting for a late 2019 date to have the work done. While that doesn’t necessarily point to an opening date, it’s a good barometer for what their internal calendar looks like.

This notice of commencement doesn’t point to construction work, as we’d expect from a regular notice of commencement, but rather a “poly-party ipd”. From my very non-technical standpoint, this appears to be a document that outlines the different project owners for the various disciplines that are being contracted out for the project. Contractors listed range from General Contractors to Themed Plaster to Fire Protection.

Notice of Commencement – Project D – Sitework and Site Utilities Installation

While this document doesn’t offer anything new with regards to how many Wookiees we can expect to see, or how many screens might be in the “battle escape” attraction, it’s the first real document we’ve seen at Walt Disney World that deals with the creation of spaces in Star Wars Land instead of the demolition of them.